Customize the Billing Frequency options when creating a new product


Some customers have alternative billing situations for their products that do not fit within our current billing frequency options below. It would be nice if they had the option to create other intervals. One customer needs a five year option for example and has to find a workaround.


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Upvote, we need this as well.







OR Add it to the terms section



Makes sense to have this Billing Frequency drop down at the deal level, but doesn't make sense (to me) at the product level. I agree with @spif and @AndyPurple that:

1. There should be two discreet properties - "Billing Cycle" for Deals and "Unit of Measure" for Products.

2. It sounds like many people need different (longer) terms for the Deal Billing Cycle

3. It sounds like many people need product-specific units of measure to go along with the price per unit.

4. Ideally, both of these properties would be editable, but if not, perhaps just load them up with the most likely options


For me, the product unit of measure values that would be most useful would be:

- Hourly

- Monthly

- Quarterly

- Annually

- Fixed Price


This way, when you create a deal, you would enter the number of units and the deal value would reflect unit price * number of units for each product selected.


I'm curious to know if there is a use case for having a Billing Cycle that is specific to a Product rather than being specific to a Deal? The way it is currently presented, it appears that you could have a 4 product included in the same deal, each with a different Billing Cycle from one another and different than the Deal Billing Cycle?


@TBucciarelli, just adding that daily and weekly unit of measure would be most useful for us.


We really need this too. Our subscriptions are 2, 4 and 5 years.

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Hey there, just checking if there's any update on this in review?


We have items that we need to charge weekly. This is an urgent requirement for us


I need an option to quote a weekly charge for my services, please.  Simply adding to the pull down is good enough for me for the near term.


What would be really helpful if we were able to create quotes based on a unit using decimals (0.5h, 0.25h etc.). This seems like a logical step as many services are based on hourly rates.


This is greatly needed so that we can stop using other quoting software.  This should be user-defined criteria based on business need and not a static list. 


Currently the HubSpot products does not support products that are priced/sold hourly (even if billing frequency is Monthly).  As an example, as a services company I want to create a quote for 20 hours/week of a resource at $100/hr.  Monthly this would work out to be 86.7 or 87 hours/month or $8,700 MRR.  It would be nice, now that you have a Services hub, if you supported this situation and calculations.  So Unit measure would be hourly.


It would also be nice if you could control the Product/Line Items required fields and views like you can for other objects.


I'm attempting to get our sales staff to use the quotes & line item tools more, however we're discouraged by the current limitations and would love to see the following updates:


1. More Billing Frequency Options.

As a property management company we have plenty of billing cycles for different fees. Daily, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Bi-Annually, Weekly, and on certain days of the month.


2. Biller Information.

It would be great to list who this fee is billed to such as "Payee name" "Billing Address" "Biller Phone Number" "Biller Email" 


3. Payee.

As there are sometimes multiple people or companies associated with a deal, it would be good to indicate who is responsible for what charge. Then in the quotes tool it would automate the charges based on who you were sending it to!


4. Paid vs UnPaid charges.

Some way to indicate whether a bill was paid or is past due would be wonderful which leads me to the next item...


5. Bill Due Date.

Having a due date would be wonderful when sending a quote. Or even a quote expiration!




Yes, please. In dire need to update billing to both mirror billing frequencies, especially if they are consumption based and change weekly, monthly, etc. As well as the need to delete the subtotal amount (is this an option?)


The option to add custom billing frequencies would be awesome!  We charge for SMS and I'd like to be able to mark that as "As incurred" or something similar in quotes.


Upvote! We need hourly and weekly...


Can we not set monthly payment quotes with terms and utilizing Stripe?  I need to set programs that are for 8 weeks so they only have 2 monthly billing cycles.  It gives me an error when I try to turn on the stripe integration.




We need weekly!


It's an absolute joke that this isn't already an option. Prevents us from using the HubSpot quoting tool for so many of our services. Very frustrating

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Just come across this issue as we look to offer 5 year licence. Not cool.


The entire quoting and forecasting option in HubSpot is unusable to us due to there not being a weekly billing cycle option. Again, I can't understand how this would be such a hard improvement to make and why it has been requested for over a year and not actioned.