Customize the Billing Frequency options when creating a new product


Some customers have alternative billing situations for their products that do not fit within our current billing frequency options below. It would be nice if they had the option to create other intervals. One customer needs a five year option for example and has to find a workaround.


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Just to be clear, this is not an option per product but of the summary when products are added to a deal. In the summary outline on the right hand side - there is the billing frequency of the deal itself, which is used to calculate the deal value. In this dropdown would be nice to be able to have a longer time period, so that we can accurately describe the term of the deal. 


Interestingly in the product item list, there is an option to list longer terms, because it's recorded as number of months.


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We are not able to create proposals or products in hubspot becuase all of our billing frequencies are not an option. (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-monthly).


Also want those values to update within the quote under recurring billing section.


Weekly & Fortnightly would be great


With the impact of COVID - we are seeing an uptick in customers wanting to move to a CAPEX vs. OPEX model, so the ability to adjust billing frequency (in my specific need today it's five years, but ideally this field can be filled in with term flexibility) is really critical.


We also have issues with the current possibilities of billing frequencies. Our demand is not for shorter periods, but for longer periods. We are in Enterprise SaaS and we do have customers on plans going for 4 or even 5 years. We -desperately- are missing those options today, which makes it cumbersome to handle those customers correctly with the current possibilities for billing frequency.




At a product level "Billing Frequency" seems to me to be a bit of a misnomer as it's not the frequency in which you bill, but the unit of measure at which the product is billed.


We sell much of our time/products in a lot of shorter blocks, for example, a client can buy 20 hours of onboarding services, and whilst it might all be billed upfront or in one month it could also be billed over multiple months. Equally, they could buy 20 days of training to be used over the next 12 months, but they are invoiced as they burn through it. So our pricing unit is "£X per hour" or "£Y per day" and would be variable depending on the number of working days in that month.


It's more than just time though, there are situations where we sell things in measures of "per thousand" e.g. marketing message credits, "per use" e.g. ad-hoc service elements, such as a pay per view events (0 to N in the month) or could be a per item (which is closer to one-off).

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MAKE THIS HAPPEN! New billing terms are being implemented because of Pandemic and need alternative means to capture and account for sorely needed revenue streams


Yes...or at least make an option to hide so it does not conflict with payment agreements made in contracts. 


The office copier industry for example bills a monthly charge or monthly lease payment and then a usage charge. Typically the usage charge will be one price for a black & white print ($.01) and another price for a print with color ($.06). There are circumstances when there will different price levels charged based on the size of the paper or the amount of ink used on the print. These terms all need to be disclosed on the quote.


KMcHugh...look into PandaDoc. It is an additional app that integrates with HubSpot and allows for variable data imput through the tables. They have great customer support to help you figure it out. 🙂 Karen 


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We have a similar problem but in the opposite direction as most who have suggested longer terms. We are an Agile shop and we invoice every 2 weeks. There are 26 two week Sprints in a year. So if a client has a contract of $10,000 / month or $120,000 / year then we divide $120,000 by 26 which results in a "sprintly" invoice of $4,615.38. 


I'd like to be able to enter my "period price" as $4,615.38 and select billing "Every 2 weeks" instead of "Every Month" and let the system calcuate the annualized price.


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We are not able to create proposals or products in HubSpot because some of our billing frequencies are not an option. (hourly ).


Agreed - we are twisting ourselves into knots trying to make HubSpot quotes fit our weekly quoting and billing cycle.


Yeah, we're also utterly shocked that Hubspot doesn't allow for such basic features. What's the harm in letting every business choose its own billing cycle? How hard can it be to code such basic functions? 

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Adding more options in this list is for a lot of HubSpot users a must to adjust HubSpot to processes within billing that work just fine.


Hallelujah.. In my company alone... we bill hourly, weekly, monthly.  I need this like I need air!!!


The inability to be flexible with invoicing customers causes friction in the cycle. This immediately contradicts HubSpot's core value. HubSpot is a great tool, great service, awesome training and I feel it has been one of the best investments I have made for my business. However,  I am astounded that such an obvious and seemingly simple fix is grossly overlooked and ignored.