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Customize the 5 Sales Templates Seen by Free Users

Free users are limited to 5 templates; unfortunately if you have more (for example 10) template within your company free users only see the oldest 5 templates.

I want to select (for every free user) what templates they can use.

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Occasional Contributor

Definitely need this feature. The rest of the team does not need the capabilities of a pro account but the team needs the ability to use multiple email conversation templates. 

New Contributor

Agreed. Would love to choose which templates our team have access to use.

Occasional Contributor

This would especially be nice, since when onboarding, we all created templates that were not very useful in real life practice (during training) - but those became the first 5 templates that our non-sales people see. So now that we have real templates we use, I would like to go back and specify which ones our CRM users can see.

New Contributor

It's strange HubSpot wouldn't fix this.  You guys do a great job with most things in customization.  This is odd.  

New Contributor

Bumping this again. This really needs to be done. 

Occasional Contributor

This is a huge oversight on Hubspot's part. I need to create a template for everyone to use but I am not going to ask the people in my company on the sales upgrade to delete and then recreate their templates (and sequence and so on) so that I can make this the oldest. It is something we need to sales operations so I am going to need to find a solution outside of HubSpot.

New Member

This would be very helpful. Not everyone in our organization needs a sales seat, but sometimes we want to share a key email template.

Occasional Contributor

Not being able to do this is very limiting