Customize the 5 Sales Templates Seen by Free Users


Free users are limited to 5 templates; unfortunately if you have more (for example 10) template within your company free users only see the oldest 5 templates.

I want to select (for every free user) what templates they can use.

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FIX THIS!  Makes no sense and is intentionally limiting.  Let's be a little less predatory towards forcing account upgrades.

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Please fix! Limiting at 5 on the account levels seems odd, when the account has paid seats on all the hubs. If the non-paid seats need limited access - shopuld be 5 per person not 5 per whole acct. THere are lots of cases where companies use a mix of seats, not everyone is all day in Hubspot but they need to use it ocassionaly and the messaging should be consistent (hence, using templates, snippets, etc)


We would really like this feature as well. I also just found out you can not actually choose which templates non-paying seats can see and use. I can't imagine the limit of 5 was deliberately designed this way. So a fix would be really appreciated! Just let not paying seats choose which 5 templates to use.


Or at the very least have them see the 5 newest rather than the 5 oldest! How does it make any sense - if you have more than 5 documents, each time you upload a newer version they don't see it anymore and you have to reupload everything? 


Please fix this asap it's a huge unnecessary burden on any company that is already paying but not for every single employee (think interns and analysts).

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I'm really surprised this is still not an option. The single easiest way to prove the use of an amazing tool like templates and get more salespeople using it and wanting fully paid seats is to get them to try it with the free version. But the way it currently stands, they are stuck with my absolute worst templates from 2013 when I was still learning how to even use HubSpot and basically the entire world was a differnet place. There's gotta be an easy fix for this. 


Is this still not a feature? 


We also need this. I do not understand how this has not been resolved in nearly 4 years. 


Great idea!


That four years after this was first raised this hasn't implemented is ridiculous. At no point were any of us told (by a person or the tool tip) that the 5 non-paid users see is the oldest five. It doesn't do what it says on the tin, and if you aren't going to deliver this, I suggest you stop implying this is a useful feature.


Agree with previous comments here. This seems a realitvley simple conversation feature which is promoted as a free tool. We have a large team who do customer service support as par tof their role and cannot afford the cost of service or sales pro licenes for all of them which give them access to many features they do not need.


Please consider letting free users choose the 5 templates they can use/see.


To add on / clarify to the Product Team: I want to be able to select the FIVE templates - I'm ok with the 5 limit, and then having to upgrade to a paid seat. But, only having access to the "first chronological five" for a free user is a real pain point - basically useless - and creates friction with me as a customer, making it more likely for me to churn. I wound up having to spend 30 mins - 1 hour swapping (updating/saving) my oldest 5 templates just so my team had the access they needed. Solution: allow 5 Template limit, but allow Super Admin (or a free user) to choose WHICH 5. Then it's a useful feature that makes me more likely to happily upgrade when we need access to more than 5. 


@glencornell any updates on this? 


Your wrote in April 2020: "We have evaluated some ways we can solve this in the future, and I will continue to update here until we have a solution to this problem."

What are these ways? We are working with B2B and B2C cases. Our B2C contact are not in hubspot but our team needs these templates occasionaly to be more efficient. 

We are using Snippets as a workaround so our team just have to write the subject line. But we would prefer to let every "free" user on our team choose which templates they neeed.


If I could get free users in the company to start using some templates it would be useful to justify to the company to upgrade these users as well.  I agree it only needs to be five across all users and you could even only allow changes to which templates each month.


Really need to be able to select the 5 templates that the free users have access to, we have many templates that our sales seats use but only a handful which are needed for the free users but not being able to specify which ones seems crazy. If only I had a crystal ball to be able to see which ones a free user would have needed then I could have set these up first!

Yes, agree, this is outrageous. It’s also bad for the HubSpot brand. Making
people pay for full functionality of a sales seat just to use templates

It would be great if non-paid users could choose which templates they can see and use.


Having to buy sales seats, just so team members that need to use templates can access them is making Hubspot costs prohibitive. We need to be able to choose what templates people can see, as they don't always need to see the same ones - and certainly not the oldest - it just doesn't make sense!