Customize the 5 Sales Templates Seen by Free Users


Free users are limited to 5 templates; unfortunately if you have more (for example 10) template within your company free users only see the oldest 5 templates.

I want to select (for every free user) what templates they can use.

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I totally agree! We need this absolutely for a better user experience about Hubspot!


Yes, this is a must-have. 


Must have.


Must have!


Seems like a bait and switch or at the very least disengenuous and useless to most organizations. Especially because when you are first getting started you likely are not aware of this. In my case I was just getting used to the system and the order/decision as to which templates I was creating was just experimentation. Now I feel like I'm stuck with no way out other than pay $100/mo for users that will only use 1-5 emails and no other features. 


I cannot remember any mention anywhere on the marketing or in the sales calls that say only the first 5 are available to other users in my account. I saw "free is 5 templates".


This type of practice doesn't make me an evangelist. It feels purposefully dishonest to force most people into an unnecessary upgrade.


Ridiculous that you can't choose which templates or even why more templates can't be available. Not happy that I need to add another paid seat just to access this feature.


Any workarounds for this? We have 5 on sales pro but I still want my admin team to use 5 templates I choose 


I would hope we could at least let those free users create their own 5 templates instead of getting the 5 oldest ones in the system. Hopefully this gets updated soon!


We pay for 10 seat licenses for Sales Enterprise but have some non-sales team members who would benefit to using a few templates.  This is a major issue.  Essentially, we would have to delete all legacy templates and recreate them, so that non-sales team member could use the "oldest" templates.  Lot of hoops to jump through for easy fix on Hubspot's side.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community,


In an effort to be more transparent about our team's roadmap, I am updating this issue to 'Not Currently Planned' because this is not planned in our next quarter of work. We have evaluated some ways we can solve this in the future, and I will continue to update here until we have a solution to this problem.





Agree with the comments here. We have a good % of our team on Sales Pro (all sales staff, CEO, and some marketing), but have a few developer accounts that need to send off the templates, once a week or so. Not enough to justify a Sales Pro account. 






My organization utilizes Sales Pro and Service Pro for specific paid seat members. However, we also have a fairly large group of CSMs who do not need to be paid seat users since they use Hubspot in a more limited way.


Recently we started requiring our CSMs to use HS to log meeting minutes from their quarterly calls using a pre-populated snippet outline. I was told that non-paid seat members could use up to 5 snippets and we only really needed one so I thought this would be no problem. After we launched this initiative I learned that I can't actually choose which snippets are available to these team members, which seems very odd. We cannot afford to have these CSMs be on paid seats but they need to be able to use basic functions. A support rep told me that I would likely need to delete all snippets and re-add them, with the one that I need for CSMs to be the first one re-added. Even then, it wasn't a guarantee that it would be available for these users. This seems like an easy thing to fix and offer for non-paid users. 


Same here. We have Marketing Enterprise + dozens of users with Sales Enterprise + dozens others with Service Pro but some of our free users need to use just some templates (less than 5) but impossible to select so the "5 templates access" for free users is useless and not currently really available.


We are dissapointed in HubSpot for not letting us control what our unpaid users see for templates and snippets. 


although it may seem like a ton of work - with the sharing option you can assign 5 templates (and documents) specifically to a team. In our case, each sales person is their own team, which is a child of the actual team they are on (we did that to provide list privacy among sales people)


but, if I set the sharing of a document to "Team John Doe" - it doesnt count against the 5 templates that Harry Smith can call upon




It would be good if free license users could use more than 5 templates when replying to conversations and be able to select the templates. Right now they only get to use the first 5 templates made which is fairly useless if these are not relevant to that user's role. We should not have to spend £30 per user per month to get a sales license to get templates on the conversations feature which is available to free users.






This would be amazing to have, as right now it limits a bit the uasage of templates!

Please check it HubSpot team

Thank you!! 🙂


Definitely would love to see this feature added. As someone who just upgraded to service hub, I was pretty disappointed that this wasn't available. 


Don't limit sales sequence to 5 email templates


I understand that unpaid users are restricted to 5 templates. I think those 5 templates should be able to be assigned to users to access. I have a logistics person who just needs to send 2-3 emails but she only gets to see the first 5 ever set up which is ridiculous.