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Customize properties on Product Information screen

It would be helpful to customize which properties appear on the Product Information screen when a product is created or selected as well as be able to rearrange the order. Some of the default properties are not relevant to some users and if the user does not have an Enterprise subscription, they cannot disable them with Field Level Edit Permissions. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 2.36.11 PM.png

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Please make it so we can organize custom properties for products! It drives me nuts to have my options out of order!


Good idea needed!


Totally agree with this comment. The fact that you can't order is particularly frustrating as with this capability, you could at least group properties relevant to certain products together. Being able to create multiple 'create product' options wold be ideal - so that you can have one relevant to each product category.


... I have the same frustration with 'create deal'. Our deal pipelines are quite different, and having only one way to view the 'create deal' screen is confusing for the team.  One more barrier to use.