Customize properties labels in lead capture builders to manage multilingual

The idea is when we use properties with options (dropdown select, multiple checkboxes...) and we're on a lead capture builder (forms, robot, lead flows etc.), we could customize the labels which are shown to visitors. 


Thanks to that, instead of creating several properties to manage several languages with a lead capture tool one "Activities" property could be used for each languages by just customizing the label with lead capture tools builder. In this case, we just manage what it's shown to the visitor. Internal property and values remain the same.


Smiley Frustrated Before:

  • "Activities" list in French,
  • "Activities" list in English,
  • "Activities" list in Spanish etc. (same problem for others common properties that sometimes we want to display as options, such as : countries, job-title...).

Smiley Very Happy After: 

  • 1 "Activities" property for all language by just customizing labels. 

In fact, in a long term view, i think to manage multilingual properties options type by creating 1 property / language isn't the best way to manage a database.