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It would be great to have the ability to customize the meeting email that gets sent to contacts upon booking a meeting. For example, right now, it says "New Meeting Booked with [user name]". Having the ability to change this to "Call with [user name]" would be helpful to prevent confusion for the receipient between calls and meetings.

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Apr 27, 2020

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue from "In Planning" to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. This is one of the top ideas in Meeting, so we will watch this closely and I will make sure to update here periodically until we have a better idea for next steps.




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If there is zoom integration, there are two emails sent. One with the meeting room link and all details, and the second one that is an insert from HubSpot to market the 'meetings' functionality. Fabulous idea to increase stickiness/Xsell. But here is the problem - it creates more confusion for the person who booked the meeting and sells the functionality short. 


Let me explain:

1. The first email appears sent from the <fname lname> of the sender. The second email appears sent from the first part of the email address. Here is what i mean: If the sender is Jane Doe with email address, the person sees two emails in collapsed view in the mailbox. One that reads "Jane Doe" as the sender and the other that reads "jdow" as the sender. There is a good chance that the recipient will not open both emails thinking it's spam. 


2. This is how the collapsed subject line reads in the recipient's mailbox "You booked a meeting with: - New Meeting Booked with Feb 10 11 AM <Recipient name>" This line does not make any sense, if at all if i received this email, i would be confused as to why i booked a meeting with my self! 


Fixes can still help with the intended purpose of promoting the meeting functionality. At the moment its doing the opposite. 





Hi, I support the idea.

It would be great to customize the confirmation email.

- ability to add the company logo

- ability to add the description or add a text. For example the customer receives an email from google with the link to the visioconf, I would like to be able to infotm them about the following email coming up + i would like to let them know that if they can't join a visioconf, then they contact me on my phone (+XX XX XXX  XX).


Really need this to be possible - the current email has a huge CTA to set up your own calendar, which is just marketing for Hubspot. The ratio is such that this email is really more about lead gen for Hubspot than it is helpful to me. 


Will have to balance against the use case for using Hubspot versus Pardot if customisation isnt possible. 


This is such a basic feature that I am shocked does not exist. Not only would I like to change the subject line and text, but I'd like to include a link to a form and much more. PLEASE add this in, SOON!!


also need this feature, it doesn't seem like a big ask