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It would be great to have the ability to customize the meeting email that gets sent to contacts upon booking a meeting. For example, right now, it says "New Meeting Booked with [user name]". Having the ability to change this to "Call with [user name]" would be helpful to prevent confusion for the receipient between calls and meetings.

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Apr 27, 2020

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue from "In Planning" to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. This is one of the top ideas in Meeting, so we will watch this closely and I will make sure to update here periodically until we have a better idea for next steps.




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Great idea


Please incorporate the ability to customize the design of the meeting confirmation email.  Right now, it's Hubspot branded (colors, font) and gives the client a very different experience from booking based on the company's branded meeting calendar pages.  Also, the email is sent via Hubspot as opposed to being sent via our company's email domain where all the marketing or transactional emails are sent from.  These meeting confirmation emails should be sent from one of those custom emails if they are set up.




I agree. At the very least, allow for removing these automated emails all together, so we can use a workflow to send another email that's on brand.


Please, please, please revamp the non-ability to edit the invite emails. It would be much easier if it was just a template that we choose and send it. We are a college and I need to add more information of what they need to bring. Also, we complete phone interviews as well. I did see much more on this issue in other posts. This string only has a couple of people. Seems it is an issue throughout.


Same. Our sales team asked for this today.


Agreed. The ability to send a custom branded confirmation email with the meeting times highlighted is needed. 


Yes. Or allow not to go thtough this e-mail confirmation page, going directly to the scheduler. 


As a Digital Marketing Agency, 


We want our clients and our company to get to know our brand whenever scheduling a demo or a consultation. We understand the personalized assistance is good, but with out first outreach calls we want them to remember our Logo and the name of our company. 


We think is necessary to have access to edit this confirmation emails, so we build a better awareness stage with out leads. 




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SAME. We live in a BRANDED universe. Please HubSpot. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. 


Yes! I want to autosend a VidYard video when someone books an appointment.


Yes, this needs to be implemented. Contacts are also sometimes confused because we don't have the ability to insert key info into the confirmation email (like please join using the zoom link in the calendar event). We could send this reminder in a separate email, but getting two is not a great experience. The change in branding in terms of colours/copy is also not a good experience. 


This needs some serious attention Hubspot! Currently when my clients book a photo session with our company they get a Meetings confirmation email,  a Google confirmation email and of course are added to a workflow that sends them informational emails and a confirmation email as well, I can only control the email sent from the workflow and I want to stop the other emails, why oh why can I not?????????????? COME ON DO SOMETHING


With meetings, there is no way to configure the email notification Hubspot sends when the meeting is booked. The user gets two emails: a Google calendar invite (which looks fine), and a secondary email from Hubspot. The later is very bare, and there is no way to configure it in the meeting tool.


Would be great to have a feature for this! Hubspot support encouraged sending this to the Ideas forum.

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Hey all, I think this functionality would definitely be useful, especially as I've had a few customers (largely from France) who find that - for their business - the text is too informal.
Given it's the first interaction a lot of their customers have with them it would be very useful for them to be able to set the tone and make the best impression!


Neal is absolutely correct in that here in Europe the informal US way of speaking or communicating is most definitely not the norm and can, in fact, be interpreted as disrespectful, it is also generational anyone over 40 like me feels uncomfortable with such informal vocabulary.

We have to be very careful indeed especially when we are dealing with potential or existing clients, it really is a no-no. 


The other MAJOR  problem we have is the integration with Google calendar, that also generates it's own invitation! Which, wait for it... allows clients to cancel or reschedule at the click of a button, for some that may be a boon, but for us we can have a full weekend of 20 odd appointments easily cancelled or rescheduled because its a nice day...


Integration with a calendar like iCal that doesn't strongarm you into sending invitations but allows you total control over what goes out as confirmation would be best, as previously mentioned here a workflow with our own branded and designed emails, please.

Even integration with an open source calendar or even a Hubspot calendar!

All of the above does not seem a lot to ask really...



Love this idea, Dan. As someone who migrated over from Calendly (like so many others) after upgrading to HubSpot Sales Starter, I'm very particular about my image. I want to control what the recipient gets and how it tooks.

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Just got this request today. Let's do it, HS!


Sadly everyone I think we are all pi****g in the wind, it appears we are all screaming at HubSpot but nobody is listening, come on boys and girls DO SOMETHING!


How is this not a thing already? Why wouldnt we be able to simply create our own confirmation email and reminder email i in the email section, and designate these in the meeting section? Surely this is basic functionality!!!! We go to all this effort to create marketing emails in complex workflows, but when it comes to emails related to meetings - my propsects recieve basic html text emails that look amateur! Common hubspot!!!!