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Customize logic for Unengaged Contacts

We'd like to have the ability as admin on our account to customize what our account's unengaged contacts "look" like from a logic standpoint. Here's the automatic HubSpot logic that is used:


  • Never opened a marketing email from you and hasn't opened the last 11 emails you've sent them.
  • Previously opened a marketing email from you but haven't opened the last 16 emails you've sent them.

In our opinion this setting is too large- we'd love to be able to have a global admin setting where we can tighten these two pieces of logic up so we can customize our own unengaged contacts and avoid graymail issues, as these are too high and we'd like to be able to use the unengaged contacts checkbox on our emails but as it stands, it doesn't work for us. We've had to create custom lists as workarounds but we want to use this checkbox for our automated emails too and we can't, as it doesn't suit our needs. Please allow account admins to update this logic on a per-account basis so we can determine unengagement to protect our quality/send score. thanks!

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Yes, please - ability to customize this will be hugely beneficial.