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Customize forms CSS

When embedding a form on an externally hosted website it is cumbersome to ad form styling to the form. The options that currently exist are really only functional for an experienced developer. 


What we would like to see is a custom code section added to the form element. Similar to what currently exists in the CTA section. This would give a developer the ability to custom style a form that is to be embedded on an external site a certain way and then a marketing person building the landing page would be able to insert the form on the landing page. 


This is useful for some custom web builders that are used by franchises that don't allow for custom coding to be added to different sections of the page. It would also simplify the process of adding forms to externally hosted platforms. 


There are similar requests in the Ideas form for the ability to style certain elements within a form in different ways and all of this could be achieved with a from allowing custom styling.  

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Would be great to add extra CSS to the form, when embedded in an iframe to an external site.

Sometimes we don't want to style the whole form from scratch while using the raw HTML form embedding option.

It's enough with adding a few styles adjustment only.

Given that Hubspot already has custom modules for internal pages,

I don't see a blocker to allow users to add extra CSS to be loaded along with the iframe form