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Customize default deal name

Hey team!

It would be great if it were possible to customize the default deal name. When creating a new deal from a contact/company record, for example, some customers may want to automatically pull in both the contact and the associated company's name. Others may want the deal creation date pulled in automatically or the deal creator's name. If there were any opportunities to pull in known info when creating a deal from anywhere other than scratch, I'd love to see those as potential pieces of info to include.

Thank you!

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December 12, 2023 10:16 AM

Hi everyone! Exciting update from the product team - the ability to customize the default deal name (instead of “-New Deal”) for deals created from existing contact and company records is now in private beta!  To get access, click on the dropdown in the upper righthand corner of HubSpot, select "Product Updates" and select the Betas section under "Early Access." Scroll down until you see the Beta called "Customize Default Deal Name" and click “Request Beta.”


For more info, please visit the Knowledge Base article (use password: Deals_126899).

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Great idea! On this same vein, the organization we work with would like to company would like to be able to pre-populate the Deal Name with the values of existing properties to create a standard naming convention for each deal that is created. For example when a deal record is created, we would want the deal name to automaticallly be changed into this standard.:

CompanyName, Fiscal Year, Close Date.

Basically it would pull values from the fields and read as this: Gregory Foundation, 2021, 04-08-2021


Thanks in advance!


I agree this would be a fantastic feature. I have tried to find a way to auto-ppulate the deal name from a company property with workflows - but it will only work if you automate the deal creation entirely. I only want to have a name set (auto-pupulated) when you create a new deal manually! 


We REALLY would like to customize the automated deal name when creating deals from the company/contact records. Currently, all our reps have to delete the current automatic "New Deal" label after it automatically pulls the name of the company. Agreed it would be nice to pull in additional/different fields to customize what the deal name is automatically. 


I agree as well!!!!!

It will be super super helpful!

Thank you magical HubSpot team~😊

Ariel from Taiwan

Miembro | Partner nivel Elite

This seems like a simple yet essential feature! The ability to set standard naming conventions for your deals and automatically pull in known information would be ideal for any business.


The way our business works, the first and last name of the contact who initially contacts us is usually not the name of the person who our services are for. 


It would be great to be to set it up so that a deal name is populated based on a specified contact property, rather than the first and last name of the primary contact. 


Would love this too - the current default isn't useful to our business and would be great to make it less of a manual process.


Please, please, please. Much needed on my end!


This is much needed! Has anyone tried creating a workflow that changes the deal name immediately after it has been created, pulling from other properties?



I agree! we use a naming convention and being able to  put that in to remind the team of how the deal should be named would be great!

Miembro | Partner nivel Platinum

As other users have mentioned, it would be great to have the workflow solution pull other property types (company, contact). This would be extremely useful! 


@lalexander - why is it taking so long to get this implimented? This was suggested over 2 years ago and it's a very straight forward feature...


I had presumed someone in our company had added a setting to append 'New Deal' to any deal created from within a company record.

It seems this is in fact hardcoded default by Hubspot.

Our company needs to ensure the deal name equals the company name at the point of creation.

Although you can remove this manually, seems odd that we can't control this or turn off this behaviour.


We need it to show according to product, some are one off, others are monthly so corresponding would be ideal i.e. when creating a quote instead of "X - New Deal" show "X - Contract" if monthly and the relevant product is selected or if not by product then by Quote template. Certain template defaults to end message

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When a deal is created under a contact record and the contact record is associated to a company, the deal name is automatically set to the company name. It could be great if this automation could be editable to select the contact name or maybe the domain instead. 


This should be a standard for an Enterprise CRM.

I am surprised Hubspot does not offer this. 


bump, this is something that would make a significant difference to our workflow + it's a joke the default is "new deal" - we have so many quotes accidentally issued with the title "new deal" as a result


He could also be usefull when you have different services and you want to know quickly wich service the prospect is interested for. 




Really need this. It defaults to include company name which is a bit irrelevant to us. We need the customer name.