Customize default deal name

Hey team!

It would be great if it were possible to customize the default deal name. When creating a new deal from a contact/company record, for example, some customers may want to automatically pull in both the contact and the associated company's name. Others may want the deal creation date pulled in automatically or the deal creator's name. If there were any opportunities to pull in known info when creating a deal from anywhere other than scratch, I'd love to see those as potential pieces of info to include.

Thank you!

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This would become especially useful when using APIs to create deals in conjunction with user created deals and keeping the names unique with a date for retrieval by deal name.


Replying to the thread to try and gain it some momentum. As we have increasingly more opportunities to automate outside of Hubspot its becomes super important to have common identifiers and this typically is a deal name. Would love this feature. If you would to please add a comment and upvote. 

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please.  This would be very useful.