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Customize default country code for phone numbers

when a contact is added to Hubspot the telephone prefix is set to default to the US. I am in the UK and having to re set it for every contact is tiresome. why not have this as one of the choises in setting?

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Yeah, we are the same in Australia, all of our contacts are in Australia and it's really annoying having to add the country code to everyone before we call them. Please have this as a property and/or an account-wide default so all of our new contacts can automatically get the Australian country code.


Same here. We are in Spain and this takes a huge amount of time.

HubSpot please help us make more calls, be happier customers and spread the sprocket love!


Completely agree - manually changing takes some serious time when repeated.

The only one workaround I can think of would be to mass upload an amended version of the phone numbers of my contacts with the country code of my choice.


Hey @EmmanuelC  has anything been done about this yet?  Seems like a simple fix.


@Tangerine  - this has been annoying me to.  I found that Aircall have a great product where you can set country code and it automatically logs all calls with Hubspot against the record.  I've been testing it out today and it seems to work great.  The only thing is the price tag - they require minimum 3 users @ $40 per user + outgoing call charges.  It's a bit expensive but the call quality and the functionality is superior to Hubspot (for now anyway).  Just a thought.


I am based in South Africa and I am using HubSpot forms for the first time in my landing pages. The campaigns that I set up will largely be targeted at prospects in foreign countries. For a Portuguese search campaign targeting prospects in Brazil, for instance,  it would make filling the form out easier for a prospect if I could set the default country code to Brazil (+55). These prospects would not have to scroll through the list to complete this field.


Yes, sounds easy to fix and it will save a huge time.

We are in Brazil and ask someone to fill the form using +55 or even select a country code  makes no sense as we only have brazilian clients.



I would also very much like this feature. I would love it if we could also select the default country code, especially since the current list is ordered by English, so it can be challenging for our non-English speaking prospects to find their country.


Totally agreed


I am from india and would like to have that feature

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As calling has improved in HubSpot to the point where many more businesses are using it I think this feature to have a default call location is important.


From NZ and it would be great to have this. Manually it isn't so much of a problem but having to go in an edit all of the contacts created from forms is a massive pain

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Hi team, 


commenting for a customer here.

I believe that it would be great if we can add in an option under "Settings > Objects > Activities" where we allow auto association between country and area code for phone number.

This way, users do not always have to manually add in the country code which can be cumbersome. Thanks!


I would love to see this! It's painful having to assign an area code to each new prospect.


Essential feature that all CRM's including Salesforce, Zoho, and Zendesk all offer - what's the timing on when this critical feature is made available? 





Hubspot development seems to have really slowed down, and gone missing the last 18 months or so - and stopped all together while other CRM's are moving forward at pace.  There doesn't appear to be anyone taking any notice or responding to what are very valid ideas and feature requests.  Hubspot calling on the community , out of their own time, to share ideas, give live feedback only help Hubspot get better and better, without it, development would be very slow and Hubspot would fall by the wayside to its competitors.  Atleast someone from Hubspot, from a courtesy perspective atleast, could please get back to the community on this and all the other awesome ideas and requests the community are putting forward. 


In Germany (at least our account) somehow +44 is automatically added to the phone number which doesn't make sense and should be changeable.


Likewise, I have to manually edit EACH and EVERY phone number as the default locale isn't available for South Africa.


Surely this just needs to be added to the list... under General > Profile > Date and Number Format  where one can: "Choose your location to format your dates and numbers in the appropriate regional style."


This will make a BIG difference to the usability of HubSpot.


I have one contact (and only one so far) for which HubSpot always sets the country code to +44 (United Kingdom) when I attempt to phone the client, even though the contact is in the USA. This happens even when I explicitly set the country code to +1 for the USA. 2021-06-21_17-53-06.pngThis leaves me unable to contact the customer via the phone. I don't know how it can be described as anything but a bug!


UPDATE: I formatted the number in the contact's record as +1 (xxx) yyy-zzzz and the country code was not changed to +44 by HubSpot when I attempted to dial the contact.


It would also be great to be able to set your country code in hubspot and not have to add the country code into every number as people do not fill out forms that way


Hey HubSpot, product managers, community moderators, any update here? 


Yep, having the same problem here.

The sales team is spending a lot of time changing every single entry with our home country code to make the calls!