Customize components on company and contact records

In companies in hubspot sales, they have the blocks:


  • about 
  • deals
  • attachments 
  • contacts

I feel it would be great to be able to add/remove/customise your own blocks. So you can organise the fields a bit better. 




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Agreed, would love too. When you need to as some specific fields, the block "About us" becomes too big.

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Hubspot, please add custom cards to contacts so we don't have to use these weird workarounds Smiley Frustrated

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Agree this is something necessary to organize the our custom properties!!!

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Like many organizations, we are shifting to Hubspot CRM from other tools, in many cases I am sure - SFDC.  The ability to do customize the view for our users is essential. It's a a drag and drop core feature in SFDC and has been for years.  It's extremely difficult to explain to my executive why we can't just move it like we have done before. It's also a pain that we can't turn certain cards off, at all or for certain users. We aren't using tickets - so just really problematic to explain why it's there, what it is and why they shouldn't use it.

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I agree - it would be nice to confure which our users can see and which not. Reason being some of them may be unnecasary and bulky on the full object view (even if it can be minimized)


Thanks in advance.

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Yes, i agree. We need to customize the right-side bar in the Company record to add Products, and remove Tickets, etc.