Customize components on company and contact records


In companies in hubspot sales, they have the blocks:


  • about 
  • deals
  • attachments 
  • contacts

I feel it would be great to be able to add/remove/customise your own blocks. So you can organise the fields a bit better. 




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On the sales side, I should be able to choose which cards (properties) are visible on the left side on the company record. At the moment, I cannot choose which properties are visible (it's always About, Deals, Related Companies, Contacts, Attachements). 

This would be especially important to improve the B2B Account Management capabilities of Hubspot's Sales side, as I could add the add my own custom made property "Products" as card on the left side and quickly see which product my this company has bought. 


This is CRITICAL to making HubSpot better.  Businesses are not all homogoneous and the ability to customize the cards on the left side screens of Company, Contacts, Deals, etc. would be so helpful. 


My busineses uses custom properties and property groups and it would be great to put those groups as cards on the left side. It would also be great to remove some of the existing cards.  




I would like the ability to link Contact cards to fields on the Company record (similar to how from the Contact card, I have a link to the Company card).


This is a critical function as the About card gets cluttered with every custom field I set up and I cannot organize them in a way that is logical and better visually for my users.


I fully agree, this is an essential feature for our company to be able to make the most of Hubspot. If we could create our own blocks on the left of the company (or contact) record and add whichever properties we want to them that would make it much easier for different departments in our company to access the info they need. It is not enough to have different headings in the 'View all properties' tab - you have to click through to it and you can't even move these headings around. We have over 400 properties and are continually adding new ones so there needs to be a better way of customising the way properties are viewed. We are trying to eliminate using excel spreadsheets and paper checklists and this would enable us to do this, but we can't do this yet, so at the moment Hubspot is just 'another thing to update'. Please add this feature!

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I fully agree with this idea. Right now, we can reorder properties within the about section but it gets really overwhelming. Would love the ability to pull in properties as custom groups that display in blocks in the left hand column. Making this flexible will help us contextualize the information in a much easier to understand way. Thanks!


Hi all,


I am not a developer, but do work on HubSpot's Implementation Specialist team helping companies set up their HubSpot portals after purchasing their subscription.  The feature you are all request is possible in HubSpot, but only via an API and using a developer to create it for you.  We don't have an easy, front facing interface to create these custom cards, but it is completely possible.  Here is a copy of instructions I have sent to my customers on this, and keep in mind, I am not a developer so I can only take things so far here.


"We don't really have great documentation on this as it is fairly simple for a developer to do, but complex for a non-developer.  I went to this link and created a Developer Account - found in middle of this page via the CTA.  Once I created the dev portal, I clicked on Apps, create App, named it and then clicked on the left menu option for CRM extension API (see screenshot below).  From there, when you create on Create Object Type, it asks you to name the "card' and then add in your API URL.  I am not a web developer so I could not go further, but this help page here is what a developer would need to finish this and get the appropriate fields to populate into this custom card.  There are other related API links to read at the bottom of that help page but this is something that you will need a developer to help you create, but once you create it, you will have created a custom card that you can populate with whatever fields you want (typically from another application or program), but my understanding is that it could be done with HubSpot properties as well.   That's about as far as I can guide you, so I recommend that you leverage the Developer's Forum section as this is something outside of the scope of our support team but that forum is the best place to get ideas and support around this for a developer."


Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.28.52 PM.png


Hope this helps!



This capability would be very useful in making important fields accessible. When creating a custom property in a contact or company there is an option to create a Group. One idea would be to allow these groups to be added to the sidebar when viewing company and contact records. 


I'd love to see this to make my contact page as simple and efficient as possible for our sales team


Agreed, would love to see this feature added. "About card gets cluttered with every custom field I set up and I cannot organize them in a way that is logical and better visually for my users."


Agreed, would love too. When you need to as some specific fields, the block "About us" becomes too big.


Hubspot, please add custom cards to contacts so we don't have to use these weird workarounds Smiley Frustrated


Agree this is something necessary to organize the our custom properties!!!


Like many organizations, we are shifting to Hubspot CRM from other tools, in many cases I am sure - SFDC.  The ability to do customize the view for our users is essential. It's a a drag and drop core feature in SFDC and has been for years.  It's extremely difficult to explain to my executive why we can't just move it like we have done before. It's also a pain that we can't turn certain cards off, at all or for certain users. We aren't using tickets - so just really problematic to explain why it's there, what it is and why they shouldn't use it.

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I agree - it would be nice to confure which our users can see and which not. Reason being some of them may be unnecasary and bulky on the full object view (even if it can be minimized)


Thanks in advance.


Yes, i agree. We need to customize the right-side bar in the Company record to add Products, and remove Tickets, etc. 


I can't believe with all the money I'm paying I can't customize the right sidebar on the Contact Profile page. Every business has different needs, and I want to create a simple and easy to navigate Contact Profile page that only shows the info important for them to do their job. The page now is cluttered with so much info it's intimidating and unnecessary. And it's not the info they need.

PLEASE make a way for me to decultter and fully customize the Contact Profile page.

Thank you!

HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot community, 

I wanted to let you all know that we do have this functionality for the properties that display on the left sidebar of the CRM. Here is an article that explains that. The ability to customize the right sidebar is something we're considering but is not immediately on the roadmap. 


The ability to customize fields in the right sidebar (e.g. adding custom properties to the Contact cards) would be a very much appreciated feature.  This has the potential to improve and streamline the overall user experience of HubSpot because specific use cases could be handled much more gracefully - for instance, the case where there are multiple Contact associations and a specific property needs to be close at hand.


Thanks for taking this into consideration.


It would also be great to be able to make a custom view for all users within the company