Customize Zapier Original Source Drill Down fields

Since the Reports > Ads Add-On no longer supported LinkedIn, we have had to resort to using Zapier to automatically import the leads generated via LinkedIn Lead Gen forms.


Not a big drama, a native integration would be better, but this works too.


However, the data being reported by Zapier doesn't have the correct Original Source information. It simply reports "Direct Traffic" with no drill-down information.


As this is clearly not correct, a fix to correct this to the correct datapoint of "Paid Social" for example is needed. This is making determining our most effective channels impossible.

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We are having the same issue using Facebook Lead Gen forms. Original Source is 'Direct Traffic' and is skewing our referral data when it comes to reporting on referral source traffic. 

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Not sure how this isn't a bigger issue. We have been dealing with this problem for ages. We just have to create more and more custom fields, which is a terrible workaround. HubSpot please oh please look into customizing the original source options for Zaps!

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Adding this here too since there seems to be multiple threads on more or less the same issue...


I'd like to also call out that it's not just Zapier integrated leads. We are using GoToWebinar and Drift integrations directly and these leads also come through as "Offline Sources" which is totally innaccurate since they actually originate through our own online channels. The Original Source Drilldown is the always the same, INTEGRATIONS_PLATFORM. So doesn't it make more sense for these to be bucketed under Other Campaigns or even have a new category added called Integrated Tools but still compute those as online sources and not Offline?