Customize Ticket Properties based on Pipeline


We work with several different pipelines of HubSpot service tickets.  We would like to set the default for displayed ticket properties based on the pipeline we're working with.  For instance, we want to see our custom "Serial Number" field in our RMA pipeline, but we don't need to see that field on the ticket for our "Enhancement Request" pipeline.

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Aug 16, 2021

Hello HubSpot community! Thanks as always for your great feedback and use cases.


I would separate the work needed here into two areas:

  1. Record creation - being able to create separate ticket creation forms, based on pipeline the ticket belongs to.
  2. Record display - update the About card based on what pipeline the ticket belongs to.

We are strongly considering more work for both of these areas, thanks to your feedback. I have no firm timeline to share, but this work is important. It lines up with our focus on making the CRM more configurable to your business, and streamlined for your reps.


Will post again when I have more to share.


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We have the same problem, and unfortunately don't have a current workaround. We have tried workflow creations, making properties not required, naming properties to be specific to the pipeline (in hopes it would guide the individuals fill them out more easily)....but nothing works great. Hope this comes soon...

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Much needed update. 



I'm still sorting out the optimal solution but am thinking that I should be able to at least get the left sidebar customized by team, which will work for my use case of only a second pipeline as a v1 workaround. I know you can set up conditional property groups so that will be implemented at some point too.




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+1 Here!


Sharing this with everyone I know, these features are certainly critical.




This is critical for our buisness, we have so many different things to track depending on the pipeline, right now there is no work around this topic.

Hope functionality is announced soon and for all packages not only "Enterprise". 


This is very much needed.  We should be able to create a form on desktop or mobile, have that form drop into the right pipeline.  The same form should be able to pulled up on the "create ticket" by pipeline.  


This seems like a no-brainer.  


We have the same need sp grat this has attention.