Customize Ticket Properties based on Pipeline


We work with several different pipelines of HubSpot service tickets.  We would like to set the default for displayed ticket properties based on the pipeline we're working with.  For instance, we want to see our custom "Serial Number" field in our RMA pipeline, but we don't need to see that field on the ticket for our "Enhancement Request" pipeline.

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Strongly agree. We have a pipelines set up for unique processes that require specific ticket properties. Being able to set the default properties shown when creating a ticket and in the About section based on ticket pipeline would make things a lot more consistent and less cluttered.

I'd also like to see ticket pipelines be tied to specific static URLs (eg the pipeline ID would proceed the ticket ID in the URL) so that you could link to specific pipelines.


I would like to see this too.

Tickets to Sales have very different properties for tickets to Support etc.

Some fields are common but many specific to the pipeline.

Would be great to get Hubspot feedback if this is even on the reoadmap.





Just setting up Service Hub, very surprised to see this doesn't exist, we definitely need it as well.

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We support this idea. This would be ery useful 🙂



We support this idea as well. This would be a very useful function that I'm confident Hubspot can develop. 


We definitely need this. It seems crazy it is not a feature already


We would also like to be able to customize by pipeline and be able to set default pipelines by teams when you have to manually create a ticket. 


We would also like this functionality!


Have been keeping an eye on this for over a year, surprised it hasn't been looked into yet. We have different required fields on different pipelines and not being able to customise these means a lot of double entry and time wasted on each ticket created


Hi, we would also like this functionality.  It would be ideal to customize properties by Pipeline for a different processes (customer support, HR, marketing, procurement) and we need a different properties for these by Pipelines.


100% this is very sought after. I also would like to add that the ticket form should be different for each pipeline as well if that hasn't already been mentioned. We use the ticket pipeline for customer service, product improvement request, and proposal/technical writer requests. These all have massively differnet fields that need filled out.


After I've added all the custom properties that are needed with each ticket we hit a massive level of bloat on the ticket form.


We also really need this functionality !


This is a "must have" feature, if you are working with different ticket-pipelines... Otherwise you have to choose so much properties and most of them are just needed vor one pipeline an not for the rest.  


Has anything been actioned on this? I can see that you can add custom properties to the status within the ticket pipeline but this isn't reflected when you create a ticket. So again - all property fields are appearing which seems bizarre. I've just upgraded and building all workflows so if there is an answer to this it would be much appreciated.


Any updates from the hubspot team - @Shay or anyone else able to help? 


This is absolutely essential - if you use a different pipeline for installation/deployment tickets vs your usual support channel, the info you need in each pipeline is not going to be indentical.


Essa ideia precisa ser implantada urgentemente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hey - I was wondering if there are any updates on this in the roadmap. It's a critical piece of our business and for many others who work with different pipelines. 


Any info from @hubspot on this would be really appreciated 😉  

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot community! Thanks as always for your great feedback and use cases.


I would separate the work needed here into two areas:

  1. Record creation - being able to create separate ticket creation forms, based on pipeline the ticket belongs to.
  2. Record display - update the About card based on what pipeline the ticket belongs to.

We are strongly considering more work for both of these areas, thanks to your feedback. I have no firm timeline to share, but this work is important. It lines up with our focus on making the CRM more configurable to your business, and streamlined for your reps.


Will post again when I have more to share.



Love this idea and we definitely would make immediate use of it right away!


Hi all +1


To be honest original question brought up 3 years ago and still no solutions? We see this as critical as we currently have 7 pipelines and will likely eventually have 90 different "ticket types" all with their own requirements for mandatory fields etc.


Until HS solves this critical need what are other users doing as a work around?