Customize Ticket Properties based on Pipeline

We work with several different pipelines of HubSpot service tickets.  We would like to set the default for displayed ticket properties based on the pipeline we're working with.  For instance, we want to see our custom "Serial Number" field in our RMA pipeline, but we don't need to see that field on the ticket for our "Enhancement Request" pipeline.

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Are there any updates on this one? Thank you!

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I have the same requirement. I want different pipelines to display different ticket properties upon creation. Also I want different properties display at the card depending on the Pipelines

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We are in the same position. We have recently made the transition from Zendesk to HubSpot Service, and having ticket properties aligned to different pipelines is a must. Hope to see an update here soon. 

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So badly needed! I'm setting up our Service Hub now and very dissapointed this is not an option currently. We have several unique pipelines that have properties that have nothing to do with each other, so I'll have to add all of them to EVERY ticket and hope that our agents don't get confused about seeing a huge form with a lot of information that isn't relevant to the pipeline they are adding a ticket for. Hope this can be added to Hubspot soon!

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Hoping on here for one of the customers I was in contact with.

They would really like the ability to customise the "About" Card of Tickets and Deals specific to each pipeline!