Customize Tasks Page - Change Default View

Our team uses the Tasks feature to assign tasks to one another.


We have trained the team to review their Tasks page frequently so they make sure to complete everything that is on their board.


Since last week, users opening the Tasks page are being defaulted to "Due today" instead of "Open Tasks". This is causing users to not realize they have tasks assigned to them up until the due date.


I would really like to set the display defaults for this Tasks page for my entire team, as well as view/edit the status of a task (In Progress, Waiting, etc) in the table view mode.

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HubSpot Employee

Currently, when users open their tasks page, it is always defaulted where the tasks are sorted by Oldest Due Date. 

It would be beneficial for users, if they are able to have an additional settings, where users have the ability to set default view of their tasks sorting. It would results in less clicks and improve productivity as well.

For example, sorting their tasks by Due Date Newest by default when they go to their tasks page.


~ Submitting on behalf of Jim

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Indeed, would be great to:

- being able to set default sorting (my pref. would be future due date on top).

- additionally buttons for: overdue / today / tomorrow / this week etc..


Thx. Hans