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I'd like to customize the Task area in Sales>Contacts to set my own defaults. For instance, I want to make Call the default dropdown and No Reminders the other one. I'd also like Predone Task Name options so that I could select a Name from a drop down or something (Call 1, Call 2, Call 3 for instance). It would help save time (I have to type this stuff every time I set a task) and make that tool more useful. I'd also like to reformat the actual size of the Task box to make it small, larger and change wrap colors so it's easier to see. Fonts also need to be fatter and darker.

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I'd also like to be able to add Task Types to the Marketing Calendar, without using custom.

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I have spoken to several people who would like to be able to set the "Date due" field by default to a specific setting like "Custom date" at "10:00am" so that they only need to set the date and the time is taken care of.