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Customize Search Results

This is a two-for-one idea. 


First, ideally searching would open a search window that could be recalled once clicking away by using the browser's back button.  


Second, the search results would be a customizable table or card view. 


As a sales rep, I'd like my search to open in a window, so that I can return to my search results if I click on the wrong result, without re-searching.  


As an admin, I'd like to customize the fields shown for search results. I'd like to do this from a search layout, not a field option, so I can see exactly the way the search will appear for users and design an optimized view. 

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Being able to customise the search results page is crucial for when using custom search properties. Being able to view the custom properties on the results page would allow you to quickly identify which record to open


We should definitely be able to customise what information is presented when using Global Search - this will save having to view each and every result to find what you need


Being a Ticket Based team we want more data to appear in the Global search so we don't have to open wvery ticket shown to determine which one is the one we need to action. Customising this view increases quick access to exactly what we want and save time.


100% agree with all the comments above - this drives me mad about HubSpot currently, as have previously taken this for granted in a previous employer's Salesforce org. This is one of the number one drags we have for adoption by one team in particular, as we have a number of 'legitimate' duplicate companies and users need to differentiate between them without opening each of the records. Would love to be able to specify a) which properties are displayed in the global search results and/or b) add additional properties into that view.


Increase display length of Company name 28-09-2023.JPG


We have same issue.  See pic above. Can't differentiate between companies without opening each one! All it needs is for the highlight box to show all the company name not a cut-off version. Should be a simple bit of coding.


This would be incredibly helpful and a time saver! Seeing the Street Address Line 2, along with line 1, would be amazing!!! 




Yes please


Definitely want this.