Customize Sales Dashboard

I would like to be able to customize the Sales Dashboard to show those items I need to see every day. For instance: what deals I have in the funnel, what Leads need to be contacted or set to Qualified, etc. I'd also like to be able to adjust ALL columns in Hubspot and "save" that adjustment. There's currently a lot of "white" space between columns, esp if I only have 3-4 items showing.

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I agree. It would be ideal if a salesperson could create a central space where they could see:


  • The day's activities (in list form, with date, activity type, etc)
  • Closing deals this month
  • Month 2 Date performance against personal quota
  • Personal activity summary 

They could then go into more detail in the dedicated views.

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I am trying to create personalized dashboards for my team and it would be great if the report widgets & New Filters that were added could have the owner dropdown option for "Me" or owner = Me in addition to having them keep changing the filter to themselves.