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Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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Apr 29, 2021

Hey team - if you don't know your customer success manager (i.e. CSM) - I would recommend emailing

Apr 29, 2021

@ZMeggyesi we're just putting the finishing touches on the editable version of "Modern" (first of the three standard templates). So, you're welcome to try that out. Contact your CSM and they can help get you into the beta.

Status updated to: In Beta
Apr 29, 2021

Hey team, 


I wanted to post a two-part update. We're really excited to keep moving this feature forward. 


First, for those that are looking to custom quote templates without doing and coding - we hear you! We're actually quite close to releasing an editor that will allow you to change text, images, show/hide sections, etc. for quotes. Currently, we're re-building our standard quote templates (Modern, Basic, Original) so that they can be customized using that editor. We'll also be releasing many more templates in the coming months. Stay tuned! 


Second, for the folks who are using the CMS to code custom templates - we have important news! We're making some changes to quote templates and your action is required. The short version is that we're making some tweaks to templates that will not only make templates easier to build, but will allow them to be connected to the quote template editor I mentioned above (as well as a host of other exciting features). If you have templates, you'll need to make some changes to them to continue using them. These are the changes my message below was alluding to. You can read the full announcement, as well as directions to documentation, on my blog post here:


Thanks for sticking with us - and please continue to participate in our beta and giving us feedback.

Status updated to: In Beta
Dec 2, 2020

Hey folks - Ethan here (the Product Manager of HubSpot Quotes), I wanted to provide an update to those of you that are currently using HubSpot CMS to create custom quote templates. Hundreds of people are creating custom templates and we greatly appreciate the feedback as we make the features even better.


As we have collected feedback, we have realized that some of the features that will make these templates even more powerful, flexible, and easier to use will require that we make some changes to the underlying schema of these templates in the future. So, if you want to take advantage of new features coming dowmn the pipe, you should be prepared to make some changes to your templates. We'll do our best to make the required changes as minimal as possible. 


To be clear: you do not need to take any action at this time.


Your templates will continue to work as expected. However, you should expect to have to make some updates in Q1/Q2. We wanted to give you a heads up as soon as possible. I will update you as soon as we know exactly what changes you'll need to make in order to take advantage of new features. In the meantime, just keep an eye on this thread. 


Thank you for working with us - I'm excited to keep making these features even better.

Sep 30, 2020

Hey folks - I was wondering how everyone is creating quote templates today. For those not exclusively using HubSpot quote templates, can I ask you two questions?

1. Did you build your quote/proposal template from scratch? Or did you use a pre-made template?

2. What is the solution you're currently using to build quote/proposal templates when you're not using the default HubSpot quote templates?

Status updated to: In Beta
Sep 30, 2020

Hey team - my name is Ethan Kopit and I'm the new Product Manager of HubSpot Quotes. The beta of our quote/proposal customization tools is now available. If you'd like to try it out, contact your Customer Success Manager and they'll help you get access. 


Whether you've had a chance to use the new quotes customization features or not, we're actively seeking feedback on how to make Quotes better. If you'd like to give us some feedback, fill out this form: If you're interested in being interviewed by myself and the CPQ Designer, Nate, leave your email at the end of the form. 


Thank you so much for your support and, as always, thank you for the feedback!

Aug 26, 2020

Hi all!  


Our beta for Sales + Marketing/CMS Pro+ customers is presently underway.  This functionality allows your developers to customize the HTML/CSS of the Quote templates to pixel perfection.   If you meet this criteria for the beta, please shoot me a message with your hub ID.  We will get you access as soon as possible - at this time we are onboarding a limited number of customers at a time.


Regarding the above feedback - we are indeed planning and building iterations that do not require coding knowledge.  We agree this is an important part of enabling customization of quotes!


@QDagault  @finn - regarding the packaging of this, totally understand! The requirement is intended to only be a restriction during this beta process.. Initially, our template customization for Quotes uses the power of the CMS and Design Manager, which are presently not features available in Sales Hub.  We are working and planning around having customization solutions that are available to users with only Sales, too.  Thanks in advance while we work through this beta! 🙂 

May 26, 2020

Thanks for all the interest!  I will report back with all of you when the beta becomes available.

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This is great, I would like to see some more functionality to set up notifications inside of workflows for signers to know their quote is expiring soon.

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@ethankopit Hi, thanks for the great update regarding to the Quote layout editor! 
This would be totally awesome.


If I may ask a little, I am just wondering if in the coming update, would there be any possible way that we can as well customize the name of "Quote"? 

For example, I am wondering if it is possible to rename "Quote" in the Deal's sidebar record, and in the PDF itself (when create a new Quote, at a quote-signing button for example) to some other name.




Being able to easily edit the pricing table is essential. Right now the quote system is built around straight-forward retail or service environments who have static products or services at set prices that may be discounted, and I can see how it would work pretty well for these business types.


As a business to business company with multi-level pricing, including hardware costs, software costs, recurring percentage rates and monthly dollar fees (as well as one-time or per-occurence costs), we have no easy way of reflecting these items in our quotes. We don't want to include SKU in our quotes because we use these for internal purposes (reporting) only, but we can't remove it. We can't cleanly separate out monthly recurring costs vs. one-time fees (like application fees). It makes quoting our prospects confusing and ineffective.


I can see how this will be a great tool once fully operational, but there are too many restrictions at the moment.


@paytek_haley  Exactly the feature set we are looking for as well! UPVOTE!😁


@paytek_haley  absolutely the right suggestion. 

We have only 4 products but 5 variants so as current status of pricing system we have over 1000 lines!!   UPVOTE too! 

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We require the same. I love that HubSpot is taking on this project, but I agree with all that @paytek_haley stated. As a b2b consulting company our proposals, normally have multiple options and directions a client can choose. And a mix of one-time, recurring, down payments, multiple payment options, etc. So having a built-in solution that can handle all of these use-cases would be valuable to the average b2b business.


I also noticed that the e-signing feature doesn't automatically send the signer a copy of the signed document. Doing so would be nice. Or, having a way to automate that from HubSpot would be even nicer so that we could customize the delivery email and onboarding accordingly.


@MDW  It seems this initial topic "Customize Quote template/appearance" has taken a tangent away from the subject to focus more on pricing tiers and i don't feel that implmenting pricing tiers is the same as customizing the quote template... Hmmm....
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@KChelsberg, you may be correct. However, it doesn't matter how good the template appearance is if you can't communicate the investment clearly. It would require users to still turn to third-party software that offers more customized pricing models. I believe that most of the businesses commenting want a quote/proposal solution that allows them to communicate their value, investment for that value, all while staying on brand. 


But I could wrong, but I believe that want people are asking for.

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@KChelsberg They could just buy PandaDocs + a few improvements and fully embed it into HubSpot. Lol

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We are a Hubspot Gold Partner based in France and Singapore. We did multiple projects using customs quotes including the possibility to customise the design as well as separate the services and the hardware products for example.

If your requirements are simple like that, we would be glad to discuss about it and help the Community for Free (if you guys are reasonable ^^)

Feel free to PM me and we can see how we can help you all!

Custom quote functionnality is pretty awesome! Thanks @hubspot





Hi Ethan, a few weeks back you mentioned putting the finishing touches on the Modern theme. I only see the Bold and Minimal in my panel available for editing. Is this something I should ask my customer rep about, or is it still in development?


Yes, that would be awesome indeed. The existing quotes tool is a little limited in regards to our products as well as customization within the tool itelself (columns, templates, information displayed). I firmly believe a custom quote tool would be the perfect addition to cover all the other cases.


This would definitely help us! 🙂