Customize Quote template/appearance


Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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3 weeks ago

Hey folks - I was wondering how everyone is creating quote templates today. For those not exclusively using HubSpot quote templates, can I ask you two questions?

1. Did you build your quote/proposal template from scratch? Or did you use a pre-made template?

2. What is the solution you're currently using to build quote/proposal templates when you're not using the default HubSpot quote templates?

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3 weeks ago

Hey team - my name is Ethan Kopit and I'm the new Product Manager of HubSpot Quotes. The beta of our quote/proposal customization tools is now available. If you'd like to try it out, contact your Customer Success Manager and they'll help you get access. 


Whether you've had a chance to use the new quotes customization features or not, we're actively seeking feedback on how to make Quotes better. If you'd like to give us some feedback, fill out this form: If you're interested in being interviewed by myself and the CPQ Designer, Nate, leave your email at the end of the form. 


Thank you so much for your support and, as always, thank you for the feedback!

Aug 26, 2020

Hi all!  


Our beta for Sales + Marketing/CMS Pro+ customers is presently underway.  This functionality allows your developers to customize the HTML/CSS of the Quote templates to pixel perfection.   If you meet this criteria for the beta, please shoot me a message with your hub ID.  We will get you access as soon as possible - at this time we are onboarding a limited number of customers at a time.


Regarding the above feedback - we are indeed planning and building iterations that do not require coding knowledge.  We agree this is an important part of enabling customization of quotes!


@QDagault  @finn - regarding the packaging of this, totally understand! The requirement is intended to only be a restriction during this beta process.. Initially, our template customization for Quotes uses the power of the CMS and Design Manager, which are presently not features available in Sales Hub.  We are working and planning around having customization solutions that are available to users with only Sales, too.  Thanks in advance while we work through this beta! 🙂 

May 26, 2020

Thanks for all the interest!  I will report back with all of you when the beta becomes available.

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Sep 18, 2019

Jun 4, 2019

Hi all! I know this doesn't solve all of the requests here, but I wanted to let those of you intereseted in a more formal/simplistic template know that we've just released one that can be chosen as the first step when creating a quote! The new template is called "Basic" and the old one is "Original". This is the first step for us to make Quotes even better for you in the long run. Thanks as always for the feedback!

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@ethankopitas an addendum to my reply, we supplied @dnelson with an email & attachment showing what we're trying to achieve - would you like me to email that to you as well?  

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@petercwilson If you can hit this with your portal ID and hapkikey, it should give you a good list:
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Hey guys. Wonderful news ... may i get access to that beta feature? 4831361

HubSpot Employee

To request the access to the demo please reach out to your customer success manager

Thank you

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Hi all

If you wish to access the Beta please reach out to your customer success manager for more details

Thank you

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We simply print as pdf then use ACROBAT editor to get it looking the way we'd like,  we still need daily rates etc.


the fonts that HubSpot uses make this 'interesting' as we cannot directly edit any text, so usually have to change the whole block of text to a differnt font so that the word 'day' doesn't look too out of place (when remove 'month')


so for us a long way before it is a simple easy to use option, 😞


UNLESS drag-n-drop has been implemented? (vs hubl, html or other mark-up languages)



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wonderful feature so far ... 


what i am missing yet: 


- somekind wysiwyg editor

- clone function for existing templates (modern etc)

- integrate download as pdf button or something like this

- documentation of usable functions and variables

- i8n for example in my german quotes there is still "annualy" instead of "jährlich"

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I want to know what is possible with this feature. Can it replace our Panda Doc proposals? I would love to create a HubSpot proposal experience for our consulting business within HubSpot.

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Quick question to the audience: 

My boss wants a quote/proposal that shows first year, then second year, then third year as separate pages/sections.  But each year has a reducing 'discount' applied for that year ie.  50% first year,  25% second year, 15% third year.   How can I model this between the Product SKUs and the Deal down to the quote creation.   Once I know how to model it in the deal, I'll be able to design the html & css accordingly.   Cheers in advance.   Peter.

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@MDW - we are starting to get there with the CMS approach to quote customisation.   I managed to clone the tall proposal template in the content designer and work from there.  Do you know how you want your quotes to look.  If you do, and they are relatively simple to produce, then you will be able to do it in HS, I think.  

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@petercwilson Thank you for the info. I believe our proposal would be reasonably straightforward for the most part.


We’re looking to create multiple template that have content based on our product types and fill in the blanks with the product selection feature. 


We would also like to include our terms in the process as a second page or section.


I would love to see some examples of what could or that has been accomplished with this feature.

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I'd be happy if the image on the screen matched the pdf version 🙂



I really hope so  . .. . 

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@MDWwhen I get a bit closer, I'll see if I can share something.   I'm also working to ensure that the html output matches a pdf output as closely as possible.

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@petercwilson That would be awesome!! Thank you.

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We have been working with our team to create some customized quotes but are running into some issues.  Could someone help us review a couple of technical items? 

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Our customer success manager has told me that our beta application is now live but I have no idea where/how to edit these templates. Can anyone help? Thank you.



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Hi all

Please reach out to your CSM for further details about these features.

You have to look at the design manager in order to start customizing your quote. 

Thank you

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Hey guys.  Daft question time.  I have the QUOTE_PROPS.hs_expiration_date with a value.


I am trying to pass it through the datetimeformat filter. Following the HUBL instructions 

content.updated|datetimeformat('%B %e, %Y')

So, it appears as..

{{ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_expiration_date|datetimeformat('%B %e, %Y') }}


Problem is, the interpreter doesn't like it...

Syntax error in "QUOTE_PROPS.hs_lastmodifieddate|datetimeformat('%B %e, %Y')"


Meaning I can't publish the amendment.   


From what I can tell, the value hs_expiration_date is a timestamp.    Do I need to do a cast or something?  I believe it to be a timestamp already so a little bit confused.








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@ethankopit Ethan, I'm wondering if this Beta includes functionality to customize the Quote ID. The format that you have today is complicating the integration with what we use today. 


Let us know. Thanks,


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Hi, I would like to get access to the beta version, please.