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Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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@lucasfmsarmento Thanks, I dropped an upvote there. Using the API would be a workaround, but I'm stretched thin enough as it is, and would not sink time into an interop if it turns out a fix is just one code review away from being deployed... 🙂


@ethankopit Can my account be enrolled in the Beta as well? I would love to take a look at what I can customize using the new engine.

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@ethankopit @dnelson 

Happy to see the note that this functionality wouldn't require CMS Hub once it's out of beta! (I'm not a part of the beta, so apologies if the below is already in the works:)


Another useful feature would be to designate a certain quote templates to be the default for a given Pipeline, or possibly even limit what templates are selectable for each pipeline, or based on other Deal properties such as Deal Type.

Not sure if this falls under the purview of the "Quotes" Product team (as it may be more of a general Deals feature), but similarly, it would be nice to be able to customize the columns that show in the Line Item editing screen dependent on the Pipeline and/or Deal Type (rather than globally for all Deals, as with the current functionality).

Use-case: I have a client that is using custom Product/Line Item properties to specify a number of Product "options" that only apply for certain product categories and a specific Pipeline, and these fields otherwise clutter the view (and could cause confusion) for other Teams that don't use this Pipeline.
Another use-case: Custom properties aside, we may want to hide Discounting fields for Deals where this isn't appropriate, but keep it visible for others.  Ideally, this could also be controlled with the Property-level permissions functionality available for other objects in Enterprise portals.


Concurred! We'd prefer to be able to alter the properties that are on this statement pretty broadly, so it can precisely mirror our current citing design. Without specific fields like the client number which we produce here, there's no sense in utilizing these statements, as we'll actually need to make a second statement that catches the entirety of the data which is pertinent to us.


Having the ability to limit the visibility of quote templates by pipeline and/or by sales-rep and/or by business type (e.g. Domestic / Intl / Regional / Partner / Channel)  would be a big step forward.


Hi, we developed a custom quote template - it all works fine. How can we set this template as default so we do not need to select it every time?


@ethankopit How's this beta coming along? Is there a release date set for GA of the feature?

Also, when it rolls out to GA, will it be restricted to the Professional subscription, or will it be available for everyone off the bat?


If this is in Beta is it possible to be added to the test list?

We need to edit the layout of the templates.

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As Hubspot Certified Gold Partner, we offer some FREE consultancy to help customers use this functionnality as best as possible.

Dont hesitate to PM me if you need any help.

Best regards and good luck to all to use this awesome new functionnality! (not GA yet though)




I am wondering if it is possible to set up a company specific quote template for a few different offerings. We have kind of three different types of sales: equipment, spare parts, and services. Each type requires different information to be protrayed to the customer, with their own terms and conditions. Is it possible to compile all the information into different templates, then I could select the appropriate template based on the sale being made? Additonally, our customers are global and being able to choose the correct currency (basically USD or EUR) would be highly beneficial. Basically to summarize, I am looking for two main things:

1. Being able to create different quote templates that suits the products (showing more technical information and different T&Cs rather than just the prices)

2. Choosing which currency to input line items in. This would help to make quoting more efficient and the deal flow easier to segregate too. 


Any input is appreciated! 




@Jimbo57 ,


Got some fab news for you, the quote template tool is phenomenally clever if you get the right devs on it.  We've just had some absolutely kick-**bleep** templates created for us and we've done exactly what you're needing, i.e. different info/templates/sections for each type of system/product group.  


I'd highly recommend anyone looking for quote template development has a chat with Andrew at Frontenso: these guys are masters!


All the best, all!

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You can definitly make a few templates (equipment, spare, parts, services) but the it's the user/sales person who has to choose the correct template.

IF it's only the products that changes, you can make a quick custom dev to display different informations dynamically

For example:

If product is Equipement: you display Description, Unit Price and Serial Number but for Service you display: Price per hour and terms for example.

1- So yes you can do that IF the rest of document is similar. If not, you can make multiple templates

2- You can choose the currency at the deal level now in Hubspot


Wish it helps!

Status updated to: In Beta
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Hey team, 


I wanted to post a two-part update. We're really excited to keep moving this feature forward. 


First, for those that are looking to custom quote templates without doing and coding - we hear you! We're actually quite close to releasing an editor that will allow you to change text, images, show/hide sections, etc. for quotes. Currently, we're re-building our standard quote templates (Modern, Basic, Original) so that they can be customized using that editor. We'll also be releasing many more templates in the coming months. Stay tuned! 


Second, for the folks who are using the CMS to code custom templates - we have important news! We're making some changes to quote templates and your action is required. The short version is that we're making some tweaks to templates that will not only make templates easier to build, but will allow them to be connected to the quote template editor I mentioned above (as well as a host of other exciting features). If you have templates, you'll need to make some changes to them to continue using them. These are the changes my message below was alluding to. You can read the full announcement, as well as directions to documentation, on my blog post here:


Thanks for sticking with us - and please continue to participate in our beta and giving us feedback.


@ethankopit wrote:

We're actually quite close to releasing an editor that will allow you to change text, images, show/hide sections, etc. for quotes. 

Can't wait to try that out!

I'd gladly use the CMS, but my org doesn't have that sort of access - if there's any Early Access for the new editor, I'd be honored to try it out.

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@ZMeggyesi we're just putting the finishing touches on the editable version of "Modern" (first of the three standard templates). So, you're welcome to try that out. Contact your CSM and they can help get you into the beta.


Hi Ethan, I requested beta access a week ago but havent seen movement. Should I submit another request? I'm not sure how long this should take. 

BTW thanks to you and the team for all the work you're doing on custom quotes. This is hugely helpful to our team and we are excited to use it. 

I am excited to read this news as well. I have not yet been assigned a CMS, still going through onboarding. Can you point me in the right direction?
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Hey team - if you don't know your customer success manager (i.e. CSM) - I would recommend emailing


@ethankopit Thank you for the info. I've started the Beta enrollment via support on Friday, now I'm just waiting for any confirmations, but will check on Monday.

A question: once my organization lands in beta, how do I access the editable Modern template? Will there be a separate menu item for it, or will it just show up as an icon to edit next to the template in the dropdown?

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The new quotes functionality is fantastic! It enables customers to also create other documents to be signed by clients. Therefore it would be a great next step if also the standard "please confirm your identity' email as shown below can be customized as well, such as:


- Being able to use other, more relevant content in the body. Maybe you'd want to replace the word 'quote' for 'document' or something else,

- Being able to to change the 'from' address ( to something more relevant to look credible, ideally your own brand domain.


Looking forward to hearing if people here agree,


best, Ron


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