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Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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I would also love to remove skus from the quote. We implemented skus for reporting and automation purposes, and for customers the sku is completely irrelevant. I am truly unsure when it would ever be relevant to any industry. Even when I think of retail, does a customer truly care about a sku? Not really, that's just for the company.


Hello, I want to be part of the quote/proposal customization tools.  The default quote templates do not fit our business needs.  Account #9198671




Any updates on when this feature will be available in Sales Hub? Happy to join the beta! What I have to do?


It would be a fantastic addition to the software to make Quotes fully RTL supportive.


In my experience, it is a huge disadvantage that is blocking me from unlocking the value of the professional sales hub, therefore, making it far too expensive to even consider.


Is it in planning or maybe there is a work around for this?




I really like the customization of the quotes themes to fit our company's Corporate Identity. When the customer wants to download the invoice, most of the styling is discarded and the PDF version unfortunately doesn't look very pretty.

It would be great (and an eyecandy), when there would be a possibilty in the future (at least for webdesigner) to tweak the styling of the (print) PDF version to fit the styling of the HTML Version. I think most customers will have a downloaded PDF version for backup purposes and it will be an overall nice-to-have feature, not only for my company. 💫


Would also love to join the beta! HUB ID 8328564

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We are Hubspot certified Gold Partner with multiple successful projects with custom quote template.

You can contact me in PM for some FREE consultancy to help you guys with this new awesome functionality (thanks again @hubspot) - will try my best to help as much of you guys as possible.


Hello @ethankopit @dnelson, we would like to try using HubSpot for our quoting but we've been put off by the lack of customizability of the quotes/proposals - please could we be enrolled on the beta so we can try this out?  Many thanks!

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Hi @CarlssonElkins ,


It's Leigh from Insynth.


We've just built a customisable quote template for a client, which is pretty stunning.


I'd be happy to explore something similar for you.  Drop me a message if you want to discuss this.

I’d be very interested in this as well.




We'd also be interested in customized templates for our company.

Thank you.


@ethankopit it would be great if we were able to make a custom template the default quote template, but I'm told this will not be the case. 

It will be a pain having to manual select the custom quote template for every single quote - in my eyes it's a must to add this functionality too. Thoughts?

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@TuffaCharlie True. We couldnt find a solution for that yet and thats quite annoying.


I agree with @TuffaCharlie and @BNGUYEN.    We have more than one product, so the ability to sort the drop-down list where the quote template is selected would reduce user error.   The ability to remove (perhaps unpublish?) the standard (or any) templates from the drop-down list would also reduce user error.


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What prevents us from using Quotes is the requirement of line items of defined products. We are a service company - think construction, electical, plumbing, etc. When we create a quote, no two are the same, so we don't have regular line items or standard products. I just need to create a quote without requiring entering a line item or a product. I can fill that info with Deal properties or worst case, manually. A toggle on/off for line items/product might be an easy fix. 
So, instead I use Zapier to pull Deal properties into my quote template in Google Drive.  


Hi There,


The key to us using quotes at all is the ability to have products priced as a % for us. 




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@barneygoodman As a % of what Barney? Are u talking about discount?

Wish i can help. Take care

Thanks. We charge on a commission basis not a fiat basis. I.e we will provide 36 months interest free credit to your business at a cost of 14% (of the paid value)

Hope that makes sense.

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@ethankopit will this feature allow me to customize the contents of the template as well? I'm thinking of things like the decimal precision, for instance - I've received feedback from my partners that the use of thousands in my units is confusing, but my business operates with unit prices of tenths or hundredths of cents (like 0.0012 USD/unit of service), and when entering these values, the template engine truncates that to 0.00 USD - which is obviously not good.


Also, when can we expect this to reach GA? I realize that Q1-2 is fairly broad, so it would be great if we could plan ahead in this light (whether we need to assign internal development to this interop or if we should wait for the feature to hit GA).




When customizing the quote you do have access to deal properties. So if creating quotes with no line items is not possible, one solution would be to create and associate standard line items to the deal and customize a quote template in order for it to hide info about the line items and only display the deal properties you choose.




This (number of decimal places available) is a known issue affecting a relevant number of users, please upvote the idea on the following thread


as I state on the linked thread, I was able to feed prices and quantities with more than two decimal places using the line items API, which is a workaround.


Hope the above is helpful!