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Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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Is there a way to hide the Standard Quote templates?  We have created a custom one that we are satisifed with, but would prefer the users not have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Quote template dropdown to select it each time.  If the rest cannot be hidden, is there a way to designate a template as the default?


Completely agree with @outsane . This is desired.


It would also be cool if we could use the existing default templates from hubspot as a base model. I know we can use proposal simple/tall, but we cannot use the "modern" one and the others.



I know you guys got many ideas to implement in beta phase,

But it would be great if you add an option to switch between the languages in the review section of the quote so that the work will reduce for the developer's and also saves time.




How can I get signed up for the Beta for this? We are an Enterprise customer and are needing these feeatures for a rollout of new products that we are looking to do.

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We'd like to signup for the beta too please

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That would be great, if we can customize the quote templates.


Also helpful would be, if we can add a product group, so that if we have a main product with some sub products, the whole product group will be attached. If we have a main product with several sub products, it takes sometimes a lot of time to add all these.


Thank you!


The quote process is very restricting. I propose some very helpful changes:


- have templates in design manager, like emails and landing pages.

- Reference number: Either make it searchable in HubSpot or make it optional. It isn't serving a purpose if we cant use the REFERENCE number as a reference. 

-For my information, I cannot remove my image. Why does my image need to be in a quote? 

- Make the quote division-friendly. We have three divisions. With the current process, there is only one company option, one company logo option, and where there is only one option (company name) that is currently editable. It goes to the company's info on the account. So each divisions now needs to change their company (divison) information in a quote EVERY TIME.

- Logo: Let me decide if I want the logo on there or not, AND let me choose which logo. We have logos for different divisions and the main logo that is defaulted to our account is not one we would normally use.



Can we please be added to the beta as well? 



The ability to customize quote templates is highly desired for our sales team. We want to take advantage of the Quotes tool, but it's too restricting as is.  This includes being able to have a standard set of terms/conditions on our quotes without having to remember to add them each time, as well as start/end dates for the service being sold (since the products we sell are subscription based).

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we made multiple custom quote templates for our customers with advanced functionnality like custom calculation, sales terms, dynamics grouping of products (products and services for examples), dynamics columns (columns display only if there is a value etc). MANY things 😅

If you have questions, i'll try to help at the best of my knowledge in the page.

Of course, if you want a custom template, you can PM for more informations

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Hi everyone!


I'm trying to create a new Quote template but I can't find the deafult cms_proposal_theme.

I'm following this guide

but as you can see in the screenshoot below there isn't cms_proposal_theme folder.

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 11.34.47.png

 Does anyone had this problem? 







For us it would be a useful to be able to edit the modern quote in the beta. In this the signing process is better and you can do this in 2 different places. In the modern you can set the signing mails to be in different languages. This is not yet possible in the custom quote. 


we would also like to be able to customize this to different languages.


Does anyone have any experience with this or any ideas on how best to manage this?

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Hey. It seems the BETA functionnality is not yet activated in your Hub



We did multiple custom templates including language versions for a customer. For now, it's the sales person who choose the right template (FR, EN, ES) but in next update, we will detect automatically a field on the deal for language if needed.


Please make this happen!


I'd really love to join the BETA!


Right now the inability to edit quote templates is preventing us to use the feature. Which is really frustrating!




Is there a way to hide line item pricing? If we could only show the totals that would be all we need to start using the quoting tool. Otherwise it's useless to us.


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Dear all

For questions regarding quote customization please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Thank you



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Yes it's possible with some good coding skills. You can PM me for any specific questions or to see how we can help.

Best regards



Ask your Hubspot AE or CSM, they will activate the functionality quickly



It would be great if we could add attachments to the quotation!