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Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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@petercwilson I have requested access but that seems to only be available to CMS users?  the CMS is unsuitable for our array of websites but I don't understand why a Sales function would be tied to CMS.   

If i could set it up in HTML that would be fine but not having the options is making it hard to onboard our whole sales team ans new aquisitions.



How do we get access to the beta? Can it include terms and conditions?


Hi! 🙂 Here are 2 suggestions for custom quotes : 


In my quotes, I created snippets for terms and conditions and comments to buyers. With custom quotes, it would be nice if we could already set them in the template, so we don't have to add it every time. I created other snippets for the client address of the client description of the quote for example.


Another thing, the only trigger I see to know if a quote is approved is the e-signature. Would it be possible to just add a button "I accept" and track the click on that button to trigger the quote approval? The whole process of e-signature seems too long for my clients and they just responded "Yes it's okay" on an email, which triggers nothing.


Thanks! 🙂 

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could anyone manage to add a function to print the quote or download as pdf? 




Would it be possible to add the 3 default themes as a starting point to the custom themes? The 2 custom themes are quite underwelming and for some of us that use the default at this point but just need a little bit of flexibility, it would be great to be able to just had a permanent bit of text for instance. At this point we need to rely on the manual input of terms by the sales staff and that's far from ideal or we need to dedicate the time and resources to update/add a custom theme. Being new to hubspot it is and still going through lots of configuration this is a lot more than we are comfortable chewing. 




Hi there,


is there any possibility to get an update on the status of the planned changes regarding the customized quote templates. Or is there a way to get access to a beta version in order to see what the plan for this looks like?


Thx in advance.



I've not posted for a while on this topic, but now seems like a good opportunity.  I don't know if @ethankopit  or any of the HS team can help?  I'm about to rollout my custom quote template to my users.   

When it comes to the create quote wizard, I'd like to be able to disable the other templates, including the standards ones.  Is there a way I can administratively make them non-visible, please?       TIA.




Hi Peter,


We definitely need to do the same when the time comes, so we're interested to see what our friends @hubspot have to say about deactivating unwanted templates. It may come down to just how brave one wants to be in terms of deleting their original coded versions! 🙂


@hubspot team, any progress on a drag & drop template editor rather than code-based editing?





Hi Julian,

I've been to the town of brave before.    It was closed  😀


I find that the files under the at-hubspot folder in "design tools" are protected, so it is not possible to deactivate, as editing/deleting is not available, as explained by the presence of the above banner.   Preventing delete is probably understandable, but there is no user/developer-level "workaround" to deactivating them.


A quick alternative in the meantime might be sort-ordering the templates so the custom created ones appear first.  Just reduce the opportunity for error by the sales rep.  That might not work for everyone.





Those of us with access to the beta but dont have a strong programming background... here is a quick and dirty way to create custom templates for quotes with different branding/address/phone number (I work for Calibre Scientific and we have several brands across many sites so this was a big issue)

In your custom design template editor open the file quote_simple.html

Find this section:


          <img width="50" height="50" style="border-radius: 50%; object-fit:contain;" loading="lazy" src="{{ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_image_url }}" alt="{{ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_name }} logo"><br />

          {%- if QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_name -%}<b>{{ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_name }}</b><br>{%- endif -%}

          {%- if QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_address -%}{{ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_address }}<br>{%- endif -%}

          {%- if QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_address2 -%}{{ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_address2 }}<br>{%- endif -%}

          {{ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_city ~ ' ' ~ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_state ~ ' ' ~ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_zip }}<br>

          {%- if QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_country -%}{{ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_country }}<br>{%- endif -%}



<img width="50" height="50" style="border-radius: 50%; object-fit:contain;" loading="lazy" src="http://SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW" alt="{{ QUOTE_PROPS.hs_sender_company_name }} logo"><br />
<b>TEST COMPANY NAME</b><br />
<span>Address Line 1</span><br />
<span>Address Line 2</span><br />
<span>City and Post Code</span><br />
<span>Office Phone Number</span></p><b>

Replace Text as needed.   Image for logos can be uploaded on to your Hubspot drive into a folder for logos.  This pull the html location of the image and insert.  

I hope this helps some of you in the Beta test- and a thank you to many on the HubSpot team of Mark, Mark, Sam and Kira who put up with me until I got this to work.   Now off to create 14 cloned templates for all our brands!

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

Hey folks - Ethan here (the Product Manager of HubSpot Quotes), I wanted to provide an update to those of you that are currently using HubSpot CMS to create custom quote templates. Hundreds of people are creating custom templates and we greatly appreciate the feedback as we make the features even better.


As we have collected feedback, we have realized that some of the features that will make these templates even more powerful, flexible, and easier to use will require that we make some changes to the underlying schema of these templates in the future. So, if you want to take advantage of new features coming dowmn the pipe, you should be prepared to make some changes to your templates. We'll do our best to make the required changes as minimal as possible. 


To be clear: you do not need to take any action at this time.


Your templates will continue to work as expected. However, you should expect to have to make some updates in Q1/Q2. We wanted to give you a heads up as soon as possible. I will update you as soon as we know exactly what changes you'll need to make in order to take advantage of new features. In the meantime, just keep an eye on this thread. 


Thank you for working with us - I'm excited to keep making these features even better.


Thanks, @ethankopit.   I think as long as we know what the schema will look likem, before it is released, we can clone + adapt the templates in advance.   Cheers,  Peter.



i'm trying the beta functionnaly for custom Quote template.

I found a custom 'fashion template' (tall) and the 'Simple' template.

Do you know where to find the 'Modern' and 'Classic' templates? Id like to clone and edit them.




Thanks for posting these 'hints' I might try that as a stop-gap, we also have different offices and would be good to let the other offices pick their template, rather than lots of typing, (and typos)



does the new feature also include drag and drop and/or the ability to produce pdf versions of quotes?  or are we still stuck with html only

Our customers would rather have a document than a link to a document


How do we get access to this beta? I was sent here by customer support to test it out. 

HubSpot Employee

Please ask your customer success manager for beta enrollement

Thank you



Oh yay!! I cannot wait to see what the changes are! 


Being able to have both billing and shipping/delivery addresses would be great, please! 😁


The Line Items Review part of the wizard allows you to add custom properties as columns, but these custom properties are unable to be referenced for display on a quotation. 


We do B2B sales with both OEM's and Distributors and also offer engineering services - fields like Lead Time, Minimum Order Quantity, Package Quantity, Unit of Measure, Price Break Quantities as well as the ability to differentiate between an annual Contract Price vs. Single Time Buy is important to us.


We also offer Engineering Services - so line items like Design and Development, Testing, Tooling, Fixtures & Gauges important but these generally get paid on payment schedules at certain milestones.


We would be able to format a quote ideally if custom properties which are imported into the Grid could be referenced/used and placed on quote templates. It looks like you may be already going this direction - so any updates on these features would be of interest. 



I was wondering why the quote customisation system is only available for Sales Pro + Marketing Pro. This is a funcitonality that is almost exclusivly used by the sales teams, not the marketing teams. Do you plan to make it available to Sales Pro clients that are not on the MArketing Pro plan ? It seems a little expensive to contract the Marketing Pro plan only to customize quotes.



Hi there,


is there a plan for a roll out for all users?

A customisation of offer templates is really necessary in order to use the offer features to a full extent, with signature etc...

If we can't brand them of add specific but necessary information in the way we need to, then we can't integrate this completely.