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Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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I was told by my Hubspot account manager, that despite us being on Sales Hub Enterprise, that is not enough for quote customization. For some reason Hubspot wants us to also by an additional CMS subscription to be able use the upcoming quote template customization functionality. Quite annoying as CMS users are not going to access quotes. Only Sales Hub users are using quotes. So I am being asked to either buy an additional CMS licence or live with that quotes cannot be customized in our Sales Hub. And if quotes cannot be customized, we have no use at all for Quotes, and therefore the whole Sales Hub licence is devalued for us.


I really don't think it is acceptable to have to buy a CMS licence to be able to edit quote templates, and I was hoping there are more voices here on the community forum who share this view. Maybe we can convince Hubspot to change this "strategy"...


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Hi Finn

There will be updates on quote customization coming soon as this is an important topics covered by HS, @David Nelson  can you share your thought about it if possible?

Thank you so much




@finn I indeed find this outrageous.
I am also patiently waiting for quotes templates to be editable, since it's one of the most basic features that is missing for now.
We have to use a third-party, which is importing HubSpot data, to have our custom quotes. Of course, it costs us lot of money and time.


We also have a Sales Pro license. If, when this new feature is out, I will be asked to subscribe to CMS (which I don't use at all) for a feature that is definitely a Sales one, I think I would get so triggered that I would stop using Hubspot and start using another CRM.

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Hi all!  


Our beta for Sales + Marketing/CMS Pro+ customers is presently underway.  This functionality allows your developers to customize the HTML/CSS of the Quote templates to pixel perfection.   If you meet this criteria for the beta, please shoot me a message with your hub ID.  We will get you access as soon as possible - at this time we are onboarding a limited number of customers at a time.


Regarding the above feedback - we are indeed planning and building iterations that do not require coding knowledge.  We agree this is an important part of enabling customization of quotes!


@QDagault  @finn - regarding the packaging of this, totally understand! The requirement is intended to only be a restriction during this beta process.. Initially, our template customization for Quotes uses the power of the CMS and Design Manager, which are presently not features available in Sales Hub.  We are working and planning around having customization solutions that are available to users with only Sales, too.  Thanks in advance while we work through this beta! 🙂 


We don't have any 'developers'; and for us we will NOT be using a web-based version of the quotes,


Our customers are (maybe) 'old school' and prefer that their quotes are delivered in a pdf document so I guess we will have to wait a bit longer until the 'easy / click / drag /scale ' version is available  . . .. . .


Being able to differentiate our brand with pictures and custom graphics is a must, could work much like email templates

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Update on quotes and proposals customization will be available soon for enterprise and CMS users. 


Hello !

Dnelson, if you need beta testers for the quotes, we are keen to help with that ! 


Have a nice day


In addition to customzing the quote template with HTML/CSS, I think it would be also of interest to allow HTML formatting for the product and product descriptions.    Today the description is a simple text field. If the content of the field/or line item could be customized per product would allow for more rich text, tables, or other nice formatting options for products.



Yet another simple feature that should be an obvious need for a sales team. My list of "what? I can't do this..." is growing.

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An important update on quote customization will be released at the Inbound 2020, stay tuned 🙂


@hroberts great news! 

hope it's solid... we are more than a year in HS, still sending quotes in doc files from Google Drive to clients. hope it ends this September. 


I want to know when this is a thing! We want to customize our quotes through hubspot! 

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There will be updates on quote customization at Inbound 2020


@etroianilooking forward to the announcement.  what session at inbound is it due, please?      Also, do you or @dnelson have schema details for JSon objects e.g. ITEMS etc.   which feed into the current customisation feature.  I note that if something is null the JSon doesn't carry it down to the HTML making it difficult to run logic i.e. HUBL queries and filters.

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As there are many session, you could reach out to for asking specific questions about topics or view the full agenda here

Thank you


For my simple view, all I want to know is 

When will it be available?

What will be able to do.


I'd rather not have to log into a 'webinair session' just to get a date & some information !!!


sadly I don't have time for a 'sales pitch' to deliver something which we (wrongly) assumed was already a feature of what we have paid for 😞


once it is 'live' then I can take a look and see that it does what we need it to do!


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HI Alan

We will be sharing more details after the Inbound 🙂

Thank you for understanding 


We'd love access to this on Beta. 


Yes please - we really need this