Customize Quote template/appearance


Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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@dnelson Just started using PandaDoc to send proposals.  Please add us the the beta

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@dnelson when it's available I'd like to participate in the beta as well please! 6427807

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Hello everyone


Yes indeed is important to have cutomization tools on the proposal associated also to the calculations of the products and times of those.


For example be able to put in the proposals these values:

Margin (TCV)
Taxes - Not available, product individual and global
Calculated items - use any data in the proposal to calculate others

Also I do also push to have several templates , font customization and personalized with company domain quote publication.

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Following - we need this in order to move our sales process over to Hubspot.

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@paju Same! So needed!

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Hi @dnelson  we have provided some initial feedback to you, via email.     If this is not the best way to reach out, please let us know an alternative method?     Thank You.



HubID:  7563647

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We would like to try the beta also. Thank you. 


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Looking to hear how this is progressing,

We'd be more than happy to send some of of our requirements to you, we have four 'branches' / 'offices' and would be really good if each office could select the correct address (ideally the address would default as per the TEAM they are allocated to), ditto currency for the different offices.

We hire equipment on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so a bit limited to only have a 'monthly' option.

NB the 'rental' rate should NOT add to the 'one off' 🙂

we are exporting quotes and 'massaging' them with Acrobat, so not really saving any time in the workload . . .. .


so in general really keen to get involved with the Beta version


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Oftentimes we have child companies/locations of a larger company that we may be shipping to. It would be nice to have sold to / ship to. Also, it would be HELPFUL to utilize custom fields created under Products on the quotes (not sure why this is currently available). Would like to be able to change HUB defaults in quotes (template, expiration date, etc). Ideally, we'd like to build our own company standard template (multiple types - depending on product being sold). NEED ability to add "optional" products and have the customer select to add option to total. Need to be able to do hourly rate for products (for labor, service type of products). I would love to be involved in the beta version!

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A template editor is a needed option.


Ideally I would have the ability to customize the templates my sales team uses. every quote would have the same branding; the correct terms and conditions and ordering info; have the ability to default things like expiration date; have only the product info and customer info I want included; have the ability to make notations on a line item; have a section for recommended product & upgrade options (separate enough to not confuse the customer)


Ideally I get to design the quote like I do a marketing email or form 🙂 

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well they could hav etold us ???

still seems a little light on what I was expecting, 😞

eg we hire equipment on a daily basis, from differnt offices, so none of that is present , I can only assume that this is a phased release?

our customers like to have 'Project Name' and/or their refernce number, they don't really care about the 'auto generated' HubSpot number that ppears 'by default'  .. .

maybe I'm missing a key feature, where did you discover this?


I can see how to edit the columns within the 'deals' page but what about the quote?  The quote seems to have the same layout as previously used, that was the main item I was looking for changes on, ie what is presented to customer

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I'm not seeing the fully customisable quotes template - how do I access that?

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We have provided a reply to say that the functionality is not yet in a state for us to use properly.   We assume there will be further iterations from this MVP.    However, if you know how to use HubL and the template editor, it is possible to clone the additional templates they have provided.  We are looking at this as a temporary workaround until the functionality is expanded beyond MVP, as we think there's scope for additional properies in the JSON which contains the quote information to make it even more flexible.  

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I am curious: is this new functionality by invitation only or part of all portals? If the for everybody, where do I see it?

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### if you know how to use HubL and the template editor, it is possible to clone the additional templates they have provided#


Afraid you might as well be speaking 'Greek'   🙂


we were using Adobe as an editor to adjust column width / text boxes etc, but the font stumped me, as it is a 'special one'.


now I see that I have the option to edit (didn't know it existed), I'll give it a trial, but looks 'complex' and takes me back more than thirty years when designing web pages meant you needed to understand HTML, not like modern 'click and drag' versions  🙂



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Exactly.  I'm a software engineer, so have a bit of knowledge - but most people won't have that ability unless they buy-in the skills.      This is why I opened my reply by saying its not in state where it can be used.     Customisable quotes isn't ready (yet) for everyday use.   

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Thanks yes that explains it, maybe I'll leave it a few weeks until they release the 'user friendly' version  🙂


Finn / shilpawymer 


no idea how you get invited, I was merely replying to a post by travwhite !!

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Yes please, we need the quote design to be editable. The current options are too limited for complex proposals and quotes. Would be great to add some design elements such as images etc, testimonials, consultant bio's etc......Wishing and praying!