Customize Quote template/appearance


Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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Hi team - I wanted to reach out and say that I've had a few customers reach out about quotes looking specifically to be able to relocate where discounts are displayed and applied on a quote template. This would be great functionality for our customers as we work on this going forward!

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Yes, it would be good to customize the naming conventions of certain categories because I am in an educational setting and I could see additional uses outside the traditional sales usage as a quote. There are certain forms we need to collect a signature for.

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It would also be good if we could
- add SKUs when we build the quote but choose to hide them from the customer version
- ability to add options eg 3 days at £x or 5 days at £y

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Hi all, customization of the quote would be essential for us as a company.

Very important for us, is to be able to change the number format in the currency (to the Netherlands locale).

I hope this will be available in the near future!

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we would love to be apart of the test/beta team , represent sweden 🙂


My team and I usually work with other small business on projects. It would be great if there was an option for co-branding so we could add their logos on to a quote/ invoice as well.

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Hi all,


In application of local regulations, we would like to add the general terms and conditions of sale to our quotation so that they can be validated at the same time as the quotation.
These general terms and conditions are in PDF format and too long to be entered in the current fields.

It would be great to be able to add an attachment to the quotation.

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Please include me in the Beta

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I think Quotes need to be more flexible to individual company's work module. If we can interchange the positioning of tax, discounts and commission so that they calculate correctly, that will be awesome.

Right now I have to create a product for tax so that calculation is according to our practice.


Thanks for the consideration.




Agree. The description of the item/product is as narrow as the other two, and makes no sense as it becomes unbearable to read.  Particularly for services it should go something like:


- intro

- itemised services with fee (including adding the option of percentages as for us it doesn't work with only fixed amounts) 

- extra info (an optional section, for say listing previous assignments, or clients, again useful for service providers)

- terms and conditions


Hopefully these get added soon. I was super excited to see this as a replacement for our manual proposals but, without a % don't know how to make them work.


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Would also love to be included in the beta as soon as it's out please @dnelson !

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Any status update?

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Please include me in the beta


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This is something that needs to happen. For as great as Hubspot has been touted to be, I am very un-impressed and how non-user friendly it is. You can tell this product is a marketing tool that they added sales features to. It is extremly frustrating that we cannot customize the quote template to meet the needs of our company. Since we are a SaaS company we need to be able to add serial numbers and expiration dates to the product lines on the quotes and we cannot do that. We also have Sales Orders that need to be filled out and tracked natively within Hubspot and we can't do that. Very disappointed. 

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@dnelson Just started using PandaDoc to send proposals.  Please add us the the beta

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@dnelson when it's available I'd like to participate in the beta as well please! 6427807

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Hello everyone


Yes indeed is important to have cutomization tools on the proposal associated also to the calculations of the products and times of those.


For example be able to put in the proposals these values:

Margin (TCV)
Taxes - Not available, product individual and global
Calculated items - use any data in the proposal to calculate others

Also I do also push to have several templates , font customization and personalized with company domain quote publication.

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Following - we need this in order to move our sales process over to Hubspot.

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@paju Same! So needed!

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Hi @dnelson  we have provided some initial feedback to you, via email.     If this is not the best way to reach out, please let us know an alternative method?     Thank You.



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