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Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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Thank you!  I have now tried this, but the price is stuck in the "Unit Price" category and if I add MSRP there is nothing added to the quote sheet itself. I added the value, I try to move the "Unit Price", I delete this and then put that amount in the numerical field I created called MSRP - and I cannot move  forward!  The save and continue feature will not turn on until I put the number back into "Unit Price", which again, means nothing to my customers and creates confusion.


I have also attempted to go redundant and put  a value into "MSRP" and also into "Unit Price".  "MSRP" value that I made in properties does not show anywhere on the actual quote.


I have tried to delete the hubspot value names like "Unit Price" and or edit them but to no avail. "This property is provided by Hubspot and cannot be edited".


I was also unable to add any sort of named discount, I attempted to name one "Tier Discount" and the values would not highlight anything other than "number" (calculation would not highlight).


We have already uploaded our price books to Hubspot, so that would be nice and very efficent if my quote made sense to our industry/ customers. However, if I cannot get "Unit Price" to read as "MSRP" and show a calculation where MSRP, then discount = their price for the unit and then multiply by the quantity, then this tool is completely useless to us. We cannot continue to run the risk of confusing our customers. We lose business when there is industry language barrier. And those who have muddled through this mess are left with several math problems at the end. 


Sorry to go on, I am so frustrated! Also, thank you for your suggestion, I really had some hope there for a moment.


@meldargonI'm not an expert on this, but feel free to shoot over a PM if you'd like to bounce ideas around on this. I've spent a decent amount of time in HubSpot getting things setup lately, so maybe two heads are better than one and we can come up with something!




I have a client who needs to be place check boxes or initial fields to ensure clients acknowledge terms. Cusomtizing quotes behind the existing fields would be very helpful. 

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Is there any news or timeline on the ability the customize the quote template? The 3 fixed-format templates created by Hubspot simply don't cover our needs and therefore the entire quoting module is useless. Sad to pay for functionality in Sales Pro that we cannot use. Really depressing to have to buy another system to be able to do quotes, when we already pay for Hubspot.


The topic has been "in planning" for a year now, and as far as I can tell it is one of the most upvoted topics on the community forum.


When can we expect the quote templates to be customizable? 


I agree, the tools offered are supposed to be sales based and yet the quoting tool not being customizable makes it impossible to use unless you are just quoting one of each item. What kind of business was this quoting tool designed for I wonder. Marketers? Service based companies? Really ruins all the warm and fuzzy feelings I had for Hubspot. 

Even the quoting tools that integrate with Hubspot seem made for the Marketers and service based companies. They are all big and bold and full of fluff, and expensive also...


@dnelson We would like to participate in the beta 4906510.


Our use case:


1. We often quote for large restaurant chains and it would be great to have pricing based on quantities, without a total. So one line item would be 10-50 units and the price and the next line item would be 51-200 units with another price point.


2. We often quote different products that are similar, giving them A & B choices. For example, digital menu boards might be option A and illuminated menu boards might be option B.


3. Our chain customers often have various configurations across their system. It would be great to have a way to have the main product as a total price, and a number of ancillary products listed with prices but not added into the total. Kind of like in Amazon when they have the "customers also bought".


Thank you!


Hi,  we would be interested in better flexibility over quote templates, including where we are raising quotes on different brands.    We have something in mind and I will DM it across as soon as I can.



We would like to participate in the beta too.

Our account code is 3918047.


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@dnelson We would like to participate in the Beta as well.  

Our account code is: 5346032


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@dnelson count me in for the beta please.


We have a couple of clients who would benefit too.  Can these be channelled through me?


Our portal ID is 3859543

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I would love to see the ability to add a "checkout" URL to the quote that can be product specific for subscriptions. I tried adding a custom property to the Product but it doesn't show up on the quote.

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Hey @dnelson, dont know whats the right way now to participate in beta testing ... 

however, our id is 4831361 and we would love to participate 🙂


Hi @dnelson 

We'd love to be part of this trial phase.

Our use case is that we'd like to be able to customise our quotes to add a couple of additional pages so we can have our T&C's / light touch MSA for brands to agree to when making payment 

We have sales and Marketing Hubs. Our ID is 5667786. 

Cheers 🙂 




We would like to participate in the beta as well: 6224065. We would like to add additional documents to quotes.


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Thanks for all the interest!  I will report back with all of you when the beta becomes available.


Hi ! We would like to participate.



DM'd you @dnelson but just to confirm here also, we want IN. Smiley Very Happy


@dnelson We would like to participate in the beta 7094950.


I can help in translation and adjustment for the polish market. 


@dnelson We'd like to participate in the beta as well!