Customize Quote template/appearance


Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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We're a SaaS company and need to include some basic T&C information in our quotes. We also would like to add some other templated language throughout and influence the signature area to capture other fields, such as the tax exempt ID or a customer authorized representative. 

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Hello, we need this too.

We'd already be happy if:


1. The logo wouldnt stretch when the browser window is resized

2. We could choose which fields are shown next to the company, we have to be able to show address and VAT Nr.



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FOR F.. SAKE. I SEE every day another input from another user asking for some simple features that will make quoting from hubspot possible. 210 upvotes, first page of needs submitted by your customers.

QUOTING IS KIND OF  IMPORTANT PROCESS RIGHT? We need to quote those people to have money to pay for your applications. Simple as that. Your paying users doesn't ask for some fancy and labor - intensive features. JUST SIMPLE FIELD OR TWO. And we still cannot

  • issue quote that looks as typical quote / invoice, 3 templates each looks strange for most of the geographies. Just please goodle "invoice draft" if it's to hard to imagine how invoices look like
  • we cannot add standard tax rates (need to calculate it every time), 
  • even simple fields that would calculate additional tax are no no. It would do the trick, so i can input 0-19-23% and have number next to it.
  • we cannot set different tax rates for products and services (please look up laws for example in EU)
  • we cannot set default text with T&C (have to use snippets every time).
  • we cannot set anything as default really
  • we cannot change  / choose company data (some companies or enterpreneur have branches and one hubspot to manage sales process - we need to change company data and all information about accounts each time we want to invoice someone from UK or Poland for that matter.
  • cannot choose and issue quote and final invoice. There should be something like pro - forma (invormative quote to pay) and final invoice (formal invoice that goes to tax office)
  • cannot issue multiple invoices for products in deal - each time you issue invoice, product info in deal updates, killing the time and effort.
  • reccurring invoices..? 

Not even mentioning about other features. PEOPLE ARE THERE. We can help you with feedback. Just DO SOME F... PROGRESS ON THIS! HOW LONG IT WILL STAY IN PLANNING? I can understand 3 to 6 months but it was submitted OVER YEAR AGO ‎06-12-2018 09:16. 

Should we start raising tickets each day about missing features? We can do that?

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Could't agree more, easy to fix,  500 euro a month for nothing..

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Where is Beta? Everyone in the group should be given the opportunity to try Beta when available.  

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+1 all the recent comments 


My main problem is that we have to separate companies using one HubSpot account (as it was recommended by your rep) but it means that only one side of the business is able to send branded quotes. 

For us it would be crucial to be able to set 2 operating companies under 1 account, or have the option to fully brand quotes ourselves at least and edit company info. 


Really looking forward for the update and I hope this will take a lot of manual work out of my teams hands! 

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Needed! Looking at Pandadoc as an alternative which can provide this function instead of purchasing more Sales Pro seats.

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Joining the choir after messing around for half an hour or so looking for the "Edit quote template" function.

I just upgraded our account to SalesPro mainly to start using the product/quotation functionality. Now it seems I'm stuck with the old copy-paste-between-two-systems regime. As others have mentioned, some simple options to begin with:

  • Choose not to show the avatar picture.
  • Format headers, title, etc. with size and font.
  • Move around sections, and show/hide as needed.
  • T&C section. Preferably connected to a larger picture, like region or division (HS Team).
  • Payment and delivery terms from a dropdown.

For us, one adapted template is really plenty. But none of the ones provided are really usable for us.


I'm looking forward to some updates or beta versions in the nearest future.

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It would be awesome to change the Template for the proposal.

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Would love this as the text size for the "Purchase Terms" could be considered "Fine Print" I would prefer this was larger to ensure our clients don't feel like we are trying to sneak it in.

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I am amazed to see such as long trail over a substantial amount of time for something that could be considered quite basic. 

Quotes are table stakes in CRM and not being able to change the templates adds another dampener to our Hubspot experience.  

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Hi all,


Having several issues with quotes using because, well, it seems very rigid. Exemple of difficulties :

- Can't add fields different from those already available on Hubspot to comply to requirements of a market in the header of the quotes (specific request from accountability, law, etc, according to the country I live in)

- Can't add specific bloc text where I want in a template, because you can't create your own

- Can't modify position of any informations because again, you can't make your own

- Can't decide if a file I attached is clickable or directly under my quote (it's only clickable one)

- Can't set an automatic name for the quote (avoid errors from teams) --> Maybe I'm mistaken on this one

- Can't edit a quote once you registered it - which means that any error made : you start all over again

- Can't change the name of the columns for the "products" section, which would be helpful, for exemple, to indicate if the price is with or without VAT

- And would be really cool to add possibily to include or not taxes (to make it more complete)


I know it's a lot of "ideas", but I think this is a really good tool that deserved to be used (very simple), but that is so simple that it may not be suitable, at this point, to every markets


Thanks for the reading Smiley Happy

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Echoing my support - would also really love to see this happen and be included/emailed if the feature opens up in beta. 

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Definitely exctied for some changes regarding this topic!

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Being able to customise the Quote template to match our CI and have un-numbered Estimates that can then be converted to numbered Quotes is an absolute must. The 3 canned dropdown templated style don't match our CI and there is no Admin control over which template can or cannot be used, which is really restricting take-up. We want to be able to define a Quote template in the same way we can build any other template, and we need to be able to add default Terms and Conditions that can run to pages if not formatted correctly. Please Hubspot, do something about this and give us the features we need.

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We noticed Template 2 - Basic (our preference) does not show the product descriptions. Any reason it was implemented this way? Can you please change it in order to display them? Seems like a v easy fix.

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GUYS not sure you noticed - no one from @hubspot team replies to this topic.

It's one of the projects in planning status.

Please use UPVOTE button or start raising ticketes via hubspot, maybe that will force them to do ANYTHING.

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Hey Everyone, if you could click the link above and upvote it, would be very much appreciated. Maybe you would benefit from this feature as well to print postal labels. 


Yes please. Working in the Oil industry our client's expect in depth quotes/proposals that unfortunately we cannot provide with Hubspot's standard templates. Being able to modify , or start with a blank template would be ideal for our needs.