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Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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up vote, we have about 12 different quote templates now for various types of products or contract renewal, comparison tables etc. As other shave mentioned, incorcorpating pre-existing Design tools or Marketing email template functionality, better customizable RTF fields, like here in this community form even! 

Ability to have tables with easy to add (or remove) rows and columns, pre-existing quote template terms & conditions that cannot be left out and don't need to be amnually added each time etc etc. 


Come on hubspot! We are not going to upgrade from Starter to Professional for lackluster and limited functionality "features"

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Yes, customizable Quote templates, please! 

The size of the logo is too small and the color bar is too big on the Modern template! Just call me Goldilocks Smiley Wink Although I generally like it better than the others, it would be great to match the fonts, etc. to our other branding. 


Thank you!


As many people have mentioned already, being able to customise the Quote template is essential for us. I work for a flat roof waterproofing company and one thing that would be excellent is being able to split up lists of products in a quote, by inserting text headings.


Say for instance, we are quoting a project and the job has multiple areas and we need to split up the products by area. At the minute we have to make separate quotes for each area. Ideally to be able to produce something along the lines of the below:


Area 1




Area 2

Vapour Barrier





Also, can we please have the functionality of being able to copy Draft Quotes?

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Echo the thoughts that you should be able to have standard terms and conditions and do some baick editing to the template

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Agree, customizing the template is a must and could be solved in the email builder.

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this is so fundamental. how can you think 1 quote tool will work for allllll of your customers. i was sold on the use of the quoting features and now that I get in here, i'm not sure it is what i need/want. total bummer. this is 101 stuff....cmon.

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Really think that any template should have more customisation and in the case of quotes absolutely necessary.

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Yes, a much appreciated feature would this be.

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Hi, As part of optimizing sales, the quote section is very important for us.  It does miss basic functionality like being able to create own templates to include details needed like Terms & Conditions, +++. Should also be possible to attach from "documents" Today the quote option does not work for us at all.  I hope the Hubspot team take this on board and make available customisable quote templates.

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Que se pueda personalizar las plantillas de cotizaciones sería una importantisima solución para nuestra empresa, ya que pasa que los vendedores prefieren enviar cotizaciones más personalizadas  y estas las realizan fuera de Hubspot. Ya que consideran las plantillas actuales son muy básicas.
La concecuencia de todo esto es que los vendedores pierden el hábito de utilzar Hubspot CRM en el total proceso de venta y esto nos perjudica como equipo para la transparencia y medios de información en el mismo ecosistema de ventas.

Ojalá se puedan personalizar las cotizaciones lo antes posible, sería un gran aporte !


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Yes, customized quote templates and product property customization.

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Agreed. Needs more customization 

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This is a really important missing feature. It's very important to being able to customize quotes. 

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This is a key must have feature.

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Another hugely important aspect would be adding a retail total line.


There is a discount line and total line but no retail total to complete the math for BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) review.

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We really need to be able to customize the quote template

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Yes I can't wait until this is lice