Customize Quote template/appearance



Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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Yes, customized quote templates and product property customization.


Agreed. Needs more customization 



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This is a really important missing feature. It's very important to being able to customize quotes. 

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This is a key must have feature.


Another hugely important aspect would be adding a retail total line.


There is a discount line and total line but no retail total to complete the math for BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) review.


We really need to be able to customize the quote template


Yes I can't wait until this is lice


We like the esign feature, but we would like to have some additional fields within the quote that the customer has to fill out before their signature is accepted. For example, we need some information about who will be in charge of installing our equipment, among other things. 


Would like to edit Company properties showing on qoute,

In sweden we need organisation number to make it legal.

Also a bottom line that can be eddited with invocie numbers,  paragrafs etc 

If we could build our own like a landing page it would be great.

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Yes it would be great to have more customisation options available for Quotes as well as Tokens.

We have a customer who is B2C and use "House Address" as the "Company" of their customers (it fits the business services well) and therefore in the quoting tool the "Street address" comes up too many times (Company name and Street Address). Right now we can't remove "Street Address" from the template. We can click on the Contact/Company link on this page to edit the information that shows up and remove the extra street address so it looks cleaner, but then that saves the company also. 


The other tool that would be useful is the option to hide columns within the quote from customer view. For example they might calculate that it takes 40hr to complete a stage of the project, but they only want to show the total to the customer not the 40 x hourly rate. They could manually calculate it, but it is quite useful to track and report back (ie we estimated 40hours but it took X).

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Making the quote template customizable would be very beneficial in ensuring that all signed quotes are legally binding. We have our terms of service on our website and being able to have a fixed section on all agreements that states that the customer agrees to be bound by the terms of service would go a long way to ensuring all agreements are good. 




Purchase Terms

{{ Current Purchase Terms section for user enterable information }}

{{ Company.Name}} agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined at {{ Purchase Terms section configurable under ADMIN > SALES > PRODUCTS & QUOTES > QUOTES > ToS }}


Example Completed


Purchase Terms

This is a one-time agreement for non-subscription based services.


Company XYZ agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined at

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We need to create our own quote template and save it. It would be fine to have an editor and save some elements (Tax, notes, payment informations…)

My sales team need to save time and change only few informations (product and contact).

Many thanks !


We DEFINITELY need a more customized quote template for our sales team...Come on Hubspot!


We are a group of 5 companies, and have been using Hubspot Marketing Enterprise for about 2 months. We were very surprised - chocked, really - to realize we could not customize the quotes for each of our companies, which makes it absolutely useless to us.  Needless to say that given the cost of a brand domain, this is a major problem for us.


Like it's been mentionned by other users, we also need to be able to add a few information (company registration number, Terms & Conditions...) in order for the quotes to be legal.


100% agree that this is needed.  


We cannot use this without having space to add our terms and conditions and make it brand appropriate.


As a sales exec, I'd like to be able to create a quote that automatically pulls information that I've logged in various fields in the Hubspot deal, company (or contact) - or vice versa. For instance, if a quote is set for 36 months, with a 20% discount, I'd like to have that information reflected in the quote & on the deal. I don't mind whether this information is inputted on the deal or on the quote. Additional fields on the quote such as date on which billing will start are also required.


I'd also like to be able to insert some standard wording into the quotes, e.g. links to our terms & conditions.


I would also like for the customer to be taken through to make payment via GoCardless / Chargebee once the quote is signed.


I'm going to +1 this idea. For us, all it would really need to be is the email editing with a nice logo on the top and the signature options. Plus the ability to save templates.