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Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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Pretty please!  The quotes are bulky, unorganized and a hot mess. 


Two areas I would like to see improvement.  First of all, We have different levels of pricing for various reasons (international, direct and distributor pricing).  Is there a way to customize fields in HubSpot to reflect discounts in quotes? A simple drop down without have to list three different pricing for every single product.  


Secondly,  I have noticed there zero flexibility in formatting the appearance of the quote.  I did check sites like Paycove and Qwilr.  I don’t want to spend more money when our company is already paying lots of money with HubSpot. 


 We just need a simpler, easy quote that looks professional.  Thanks so much!!!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all! I know this doesn't solve all of the requests here, but I wanted to let those of you intereseted in a more formal/simplistic template know that we've just released one that can be chosen as the first step when creating a quote! The new template is called "Basic" and the old one is "Original". This is the first step for us to make Quotes even better for you in the long run. Thanks as always for the feedback!


This quote looks MUCH better...  THANK YOU!!!!  


Wish list  Smiley Happy

Bulky title does not look all that great.  

Only one total is needed.  The top total is not necessary, imo. 

The right column with logo on the left where the logo is on the top left. 

The ability to add a few lines between the heading and quote.


Ya'll rock!!!  Heart




A couple other things about the new template:

  • It says "Invoice #" instead of Quote #".
  • There is no Product Description
  • The use of the word "TERM" may not make sense for all Product types (which touches on another isue, we rally need a "Unit" type field for m/ea/lot/etc) so probably should just be remove from the heading.

RE: New Basic Quote Template


Thank you Hubspot for making a start on the templates.

However, we urgently require the professional templates that we have all talked about in this feed. 

Our sales and marketing work hard to get the customer to the point of receiving the invoice/quote. Our customer journey (funnel) is all about enticing them to think different and enjoy our products, and as the invoice/quote is right at the end of the funnel, it really needs to continue the same experience. 

If Hubspot could provide a timeline when we will see a new professional template, that would be helpful.




I'd also like to have this feature and have spoken to my CSM about it.


I'm not looking for anything too hardcore, as I understand that too much complexity can be a bad thing from a product perspective, but simply being able to configure different colors for different sections of the quote would be a great start.


It would also be great to be able to attach another document, such as a statement of work to the bottom of the quote.


Hi team, 


As mentioned before, it would be great to include the product description in your basic template!




We really need this. The new template is an improvement, but says invoice, not quote.  It seems daft that we don't have the opportunity to create our own template. Hurry up Hubspot - we're desperate.


Would really like to be able to create/add our own quote template


We would also like to an option to both tweak the existing templates and insert a bespoke quote template.  The 2 existing options are invoices and not quotes.




Yes definitely needed


Thank you!  It would be extremely helpful to include documents for e-signature that include Agreements and NDAs that the user could append using their own company resources and automatically attach to quotes – optionally for e-signature.  After all, a quote means nothing unless you know all the terms that go with it.


The ability to edit quote templates would be very helpful. It would allow us to add a link to standard terms and conditions by default rather than using snippets.


Guys it's a simple feature, the same as virtually any other template.

Html import option. This doesn't require hard dev.


Missing fields

- standard tax description / value

- standard / draft comments / remarks on the invoice

- stages: quote / pro forma invoice, invoice

- proper quote / invoice formating


Is this a thing that is coming soon? 🙂


Totally agree with items 3 and 4. 


Would be ideal to be able to paste the details exported from our travel quote software in HTML format into the product details field or the quote itself.  We can copy and paste this HTML content into an email (Outlook) but it doesn't hold it's formatting in Hubspot.


while the new changes to the quotes functionality (yesterday/today?) show that there will be some kind of templating soon, a word of warning upfront would have been much appreciated.


especially because this change now immediately brings a different look to the quotes and relocates the 'comments' text block below the products list (has been above before).


as we used to use this block for addressing the customers personally it now makes it even look worse because there is no way to add text in between 😞


please make sure to open up the possibility to edit the templates or even create own ones very soon and please notify customers in advance of such important changes in the future.


don't get me wrong, these changes are desperatly needed, however the way this has been pushed to production without any chance for feedback/fallback etc. is very far away from Hubspots usual approach and creates more problems instead of helping your customers.


I know that Hubspot is running betas and feedback programs and we're willing to help and sign up for anything as long as you ask us in advance...




This is currently almost a dealbreaker for us to continue with Hubspot