Customize Quote template/appearance


Could be awesome if we can configurate the proposal / quote template.


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Being able to have custom several quote templates available would allow us to do the work to build a quote once then quickly customize for the prospect or client before sending out. 

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Yes, absolute deal breaker for our sales team.  Give us a blank page and the features in say the marketing email editor to start. I would even take a section in the design manager area if that is less work.  


Wish list: 

  1. More flexibility for users to make custom quote template(s).  We also need to be able to save multiple templates for different product lines like HubSpot curently offers different templates for the e-mail or landing page templates.  Maybe this is a more back of the house admin feature for design manager.  
  2. Insert media like images, video or a PDF at can be pulled from the files section, or uploaded or video embed.  
    • Examples: Adding testimonial copy with image. product catalog page with specifications. User care documents.
  3. Incert contact, company and deal property tokens like in marketing e-mails
    • Example: adding company address for bill to/ ship to lines. 
  4. Add that view HTML source code feature too for faster formatting.  


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would be nice to edit a template with the design editor. come on, hubbies ;-)

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Sending a quote out is very important in securing business. Therefore it must look professional and currently the Hubspot template looks very basic with design layout errors. When you download a pdf version, it always seems to print on two pages for a simple quote  because the headings are too big and the elements are badly placed.

This needs to be revised in order for our company to feel confident it represents us.


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As part of the sales package, the quote section was very important.  But without being able to customise the template to include details such as Terms & Conditions, payment options (confirming quote to order) and the look to work with our company branding, the existing option is useless.  It means our sales reps have to work between several systems instead of being able to utilise Hubspot which isn't ideal and adds extra time and admin tasks.  I hope the Hubspot team take this on board and make available a customisable quote template.

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I found a fundamental feature missing from the quotes feature.


We need the ability for the customer who is signing, to confirm some basic information that will be updated in hubspot and subsequently in Stripe. Such as Company name, delivery address, etc...

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The existing quote template is a good start, but we also need the ability to edit the static content to truly make these quotes fit our business.

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Agree to all above, would additionally like to change the quote expiration page according to our CI.

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We would love to be able to edit the fields on quotes. We want to include address and a few additional other items.

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We also would love to have an editor for the proposal template!