Customize Properties Shown on Deal About Card based on Deal Stage

The About Card should be customizable to show properties that are relevant to a particular stage of a deal so that sales execs can easily see the most important sales action items and customer verifiable outcomes they need to accomplish and document when a deal is at a particular stage. These properties are different at different stages.


For example, if my deal stage is "Upside" I would want the about card to show properties A, B, and C, and when deal stage moves to "Best Case", they see properties D, E, and F on the deal About Card.


There are several ways this could be implemented:


1 - By creating customizable Default Deal views and personalized Deal views based on Deal Stage.


2 - By adding a "Required Properties Shown on About Card" based on stage in the Deal/stage.  See below snips with suggested additional column for properties viewed in each deal stage:

CUstomizedDealAboutCardViews1.JPGSuggested location of Column of Checkboxes to select whether this property is required to be shown on the Deal About Card for this stageCUstomizedDealAboutCardViews2.JPGSetting Properties shown on Deal About CardCUstomizedDealAboutCardViews3.JPGColumn of multi-select boxes to select for which stages each property appears by default, or is forced to appear on the Deal About Card.

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Yes we would love to be able to see only fields needed at each stage.. instead of having loads of not (yet) needed fields in the pipeline.. 
That would be great !!!