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Customize Meeting Reminder & Meeting Booked Emails

It would be great to be able to change the default meeting reminder email or meeting booked email when creating a scheduling page. The minor customization allowed in the form of additional unformtted text is not enough. It would also be great to be able to make changes to the confirmation email that is sent when a meeting is scheduled.


The current text of the meeting reminder email is:


This is a friendly reminder that we have a meeting booked on:
11 Jun 2018 17:20 EST

I look forward to meeting with you,
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November 09, 2021 12:00 PM

Hi Community,


Just leaving a note here to let you all know that we're still following this closely and are currently exploring some ways we can best solve this issue, so that we can plan the work in the future. I'll hold off on updating the status of this idea until we have something set in Planning.




Re: Customize Meeting Reminder Emails - changed to: Not Currently Planned
September 19, 2021 03:34 PM

Hi Community!


Wanted to share an update with every here to give some visibility in what the Meetings and Scheduling team is working on, where this problem/idea might fall in priority, and how we are currently thinking about solving it.


The team is currently in progress working on these 2 projects:

1. The ability to insert specific, clickable times into email

2. The ability for attendees to cancel and reschedule using the Meetings scheduling experience (idea here)


Once these projects are completed, we plan to make some big updates to the scheduling experience from a contact record in the CRM, which we plan should solve this problem and greatly expand the use-cases, flexibily, and convenience for scheduling 1-off meetings. 


Following that project, we will be reassessing our major priorities, one of which will be the ability customize/personalize the automated experiences in Meetings. At this stage, we exploring the idea of including 'embedded automation' into Meetings. This would allow for us to leverage the power of Workflows automation to "build" customized flows of reminder emails and more. Beyond work in Meetings, this would also incorporate making meeting/scheduling data more accessible and useful in Workflows for a number of use-cases that we want to support and improve in the scheduling experience.


As we progress in our current priorities we will update here with more details on timing and plans. 

October 05, 2020 01:48 PM

Hi Community,


Just wanted to provide an update here that this is still not currently planned this year, but we are continuing to follow this thread, and I will post here again once we are ready to begin reviewing to be prioritized for upcoming work.


Thanks everyone for your feedback and patience! 

Re: Customize Meeting Reminder Emails - changed to: Not Currently Planned
April 27, 2020 03:37 PM

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue from "In Planning" to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. This is one of the top ideas in Meeting, so we will watch this closely and I will make sure to update here periodically until we have a better idea for next steps.




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We have a client on Sales Hub Pro who has switched across to Calendly for meeting scheduling for this very reason. Defeats the whole purpose of having an "all in one system" when we need to cobble together other tools just to get access to basic features. 


This is more and more starting to be a must for me and my company!

Unfortunate to see that this suggestion has been here since 2018... 😞

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I'm confused why this hasn't yet been addressed.  First, not every meeting is a "meeting" and "Friendly Reminder" is a not a term that is globally used so being able to change the languge of the invite and the subject would not only be value adding to users but also be inclusive, a core value HubSpot prides itself on. 


I really hope that glencornell will soon update with some news.  Almost half a year since the last and 4 years since the original post!
Was planning to upgrade, but with the limitations on the Meetings feature we will also be looking towards Calendly.


This really is crazy that it is not a native feature - esp to be able to include the meeting location! Highly suggest making this an available feature! Is anyone else using a workaround for this? 


Can I change at least text?  If yes where do I find it?




very much need to include the video conference link in the reminder message; it is being sent with the orignial invite but clients are constantly asking me where to call or if i'm calling them or if it's a zoom meeting (we always use google meet, and have hubspot setup to book the meeting in google meet but the reminder emails leave that link off). please add this, surprized it's missing in 2022 when we're all living in a post-covid, video-conference world....especially since it was first requested way back in 2018?


How is this Not Currently Planned?


These default reminder emails are stale and look unprofessional.


I don't understand why this wasn't built in to the launch of Meetings.


Come on, HubSpot!


It would be very efficient if the confirmation emails contained the Zoom or Meetings link to join. Our clients book meetings weeks in advance and if they could pull up the confirmation email and join the Zoom call that easily, it would make everyones communications more efficient.


Not to sound like a broken record, but like everyone else, I'm a bit confused why at least basic features of this request haven't been addressed? As a sales and marketing tool - the company should understand just how important branding and user experience is for businesses. The lack of basic functionality to change copy, and outdated design elements (like the confirmation page ---- whoof!) is frustrating, time consuming, and creates issues with percieved brand value. 



any update to this? 


This would be really helpful to have. 


Ditto - would very much like opportunity to customize email meeting confirmations sent to invitees.  They're currently very generic.


Unfortunatley Zapier cannot achieve this.  


With this 3rd party app, you can send SMS / Email or even Phone Call Reminders/Follow ups based on Meetings.  It pulls phone numbers from your Hubspot contacts, syncs w/ your Google/Outlook calendar and sends out sms/text reminders prior to your meetings.

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We would really love this possibility! Right now we are not allowed to use the meeting tool due to lack of corporate design in the mailings following the booking of a meeting...


Guys, it's 2022. We have mutiple meeting types. We really need this feature to be able to update the email subject and copy of the meeting notification.
If our client booked in 5 different consult types, they will receive a confusing notification without a reference about the event they've booked.




I think because we have third part platforms that can manage the meetings and provide these solutions while connecting with Hubspot, the Dev team does not think this is a priority.


Well, not everyone wants to keep using tons of different platforms to enhance the process.


It will be great to update the channel, any news from hubspot team after 4 years ?