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Customize Meeting Reminder & Meeting Booked Emails

It would be great to be able to change the default meeting reminder email or meeting booked email when creating a scheduling page. The minor customization allowed in the form of additional unformtted text is not enough. It would also be great to be able to make changes to the confirmation email that is sent when a meeting is scheduled.


The current text of the meeting reminder email is:


This is a friendly reminder that we have a meeting booked on:
11 Jun 2018 17:20 EST

I look forward to meeting with you,
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November 09, 2021 12:00 PM

Hi Community,


Just leaving a note here to let you all know that we're still following this closely and are currently exploring some ways we can best solve this issue, so that we can plan the work in the future. I'll hold off on updating the status of this idea until we have something set in Planning.




Re: Customize Meeting Reminder Emails - changed to: Not Currently Planned
September 19, 2021 03:34 PM

Hi Community!


Wanted to share an update with every here to give some visibility in what the Meetings and Scheduling team is working on, where this problem/idea might fall in priority, and how we are currently thinking about solving it.


The team is currently in progress working on these 2 projects:

1. The ability to insert specific, clickable times into email

2. The ability for attendees to cancel and reschedule using the Meetings scheduling experience (idea here)


Once these projects are completed, we plan to make some big updates to the scheduling experience from a contact record in the CRM, which we plan should solve this problem and greatly expand the use-cases, flexibily, and convenience for scheduling 1-off meetings. 


Following that project, we will be reassessing our major priorities, one of which will be the ability customize/personalize the automated experiences in Meetings. At this stage, we exploring the idea of including 'embedded automation' into Meetings. This would allow for us to leverage the power of Workflows automation to "build" customized flows of reminder emails and more. Beyond work in Meetings, this would also incorporate making meeting/scheduling data more accessible and useful in Workflows for a number of use-cases that we want to support and improve in the scheduling experience.


As we progress in our current priorities we will update here with more details on timing and plans. 

October 05, 2020 01:48 PM

Hi Community,


Just wanted to provide an update here that this is still not currently planned this year, but we are continuing to follow this thread, and I will post here again once we are ready to begin reviewing to be prioritized for upcoming work.


Thanks everyone for your feedback and patience! 

Re: Customize Meeting Reminder Emails - changed to: Not Currently Planned
April 27, 2020 03:37 PM

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue from "In Planning" to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. This is one of the top ideas in Meeting, so we will watch this closely and I will make sure to update here periodically until we have a better idea for next steps.




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would be nice!


HubSpot you can do better


Replacing my brand with the HubSpot brand (just randomly out of the blue) is an absolute conflict and has already resulted in cancelled meetings. Customers get confused when the HB brand appears, where as my own logo has been consistent all the way through. I'm in life insurance and trust means everything.


To the average consumer, the HubSpot brand means nothing.


I agree that this would be very helpful to keep on brand and the current email does not provide enough information. We'd like to include our company name and contact info, a brief message, and the Zoom/call-in info. The booking email should be as informative as the calendar entry if possible.


I tried to work around this issue by creating a workflow to run when a meeting is booked, but the personalization token "Last Meeting Booked" provides only the last meeting date and not the time (even though the time is listed in the Last Meeting Booked contact field). 


We absolutly need a custom email confirmation for meetings. Please.


Yes, we need this ability!!


I agree!


This is vital to driving a higher meeting rate then we are currently getting.  It seems like this would benefit all of your customers and not just the ones asking for this feature.

I would like to include in the reminder a link to the actual zoom meeting that's scheduled.


This is so important, can't wait!


Our clients are making us setup acuity scheduling until this gets sorted as their meeting requesters are being confused by meeting and not call


@rcobbett same here we now use Acuity for our scheduling, the inability to stop Google sending out it's own confirmation emails was a nightmare, Google allows clients to reschedule which we do not!  


Same here. Really, really need this functionality as soon as possible =\ 


How can this not be a standard feature of HubSpot? I'm blown away that it would take this long for something as simple as this to be implemented? More and more I see how HubSpot is trying to do EVERYTHING but failing to do ANYTHING well. You are spreading yourselves too thin.


How can we not be able to send an email reminder for a meeting booked in THE CONTACTS booked time? Unbelievable. 


Any news on this ?


Totally agree! I coordinate calls for our Sales team and host those meeting links on my account. This could make it confusing for the prospects, due to the wording of the reminder making it look like the call is with me.


This would be very helpful for us!


Same here. We definitely need more control over what gets sent out when a prospect books a meeting. We have had our fair share of prospects missing meetings recently because they were expecting to see the meeting link in the booking confirmation email. 


Agree. This is an important functionality we should be able to manipulate for a better client experience.


I personally don't think the option with no advertising should be locked behind a paywall. It gives such a bad first impression. 

I also think it's kind of crazy how you can't customise the confirmation email in anyway - even if you do pay. 


Let's gooooo Hubspot - we need this feature. Calendly just built a Hubspot Integration and they let you customize emails...


this would be super helpful!