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Customize Meeting Reminder & Meeting Booked Emails

It would be great to be able to change the default meeting reminder email or meeting booked email when creating a scheduling page. The minor customization allowed in the form of additional unformtted text is not enough. It would also be great to be able to make changes to the confirmation email that is sent when a meeting is scheduled.


The current text of the meeting reminder email is:


This is a friendly reminder that we have a meeting booked on:
11 Jun 2018 17:20 EST

I look forward to meeting with you,
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@glencornell Any news?


What's the status of this needed update? 


Hello! We're limited to only dynamically featuring First Name, Last Name, Email and Company Name in the "Invite subject" of our meeting invitation follow-ups after someone books a meeting. Is it possible to expand this list to include custom dynamic properties that we've created? The screenshot attached shows the area I'm referencing. 
Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 7.50.49 AM.png

I would very much like this to be a feature as well. I would also like to add on that adding in the meeting link would be extremely useful for the reminder as well.  We've had a couple contacts message our reps about the reminder email not have a link to call into already. 

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I upvoted this idea as this is really big NO GO for meeting link and this is here for 2 years now.
I would higly appreciate clarification from Hubspot and imrpovement in pushing this idea further. 

In the way that is developed for Marketing faetures, to select what to do after submitting form, this should work the same way.

I would be happy to have landing page to customize with meeting link and its confirmation

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In the meeting tool, there is an option to send a pre-meeting reminder that gets sent out "x" amount of time before a scheduled meeting. Right now, the only customization is to include the "Invite Description". It would be super helpful to have full control of what you include in this reminder email. Specifically, the ability to add a Zoom meeting ID to remind the customer with their code.


Adding to the list of people that want this upgrade.

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Quite surprised this is not possible. Even free scheduling services like Calendly have the ability to edit the confirmation email. Right now there is not even the option to turn off the default one (that comes from!!!) and instead use a workflow to deliver a custom message telling the person what to expect and how to prepare for the meeting. Seems like very basic functionality that's missing here. 


this is extremely important, pleaseee!!


Branding is a must for email reminders for booked meetings, even for the meeting calendar booking page. It totally distrupts the flow for inbound campaigns where we take them from our branded email or site to Hubspot calendar page.


Also, can we places take off the bottom ad for Hubspot at the end of the email? It is huge and very distracting. It's confusing to our leads. They think they may need to schedule the meeting again or this is how you reschedule.


Please put both of these on the roadmap, or let me know if this is possible now.


End of email Hubspot AdEnd of email Hubspot Ad

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Hi Community,


Just wanted to provide an update here that this is still not currently planned this year, but we are continuing to follow this thread, and I will post here again once we are ready to begin reviewing to be prioritized for upcoming work.


Thanks everyone for your feedback and patience! 


In addition, when you have a Teams-meeting-link set up, that rotates between team members, it should be possible to create a custom mail for every team member, that gets sent out as a reminder automatically to the lead, depending on which team member hubspot chose, based on their calendar availability.

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The auto emails are inauthentic and don't communicate important information, like how the the receiptient can join the meeting. Drift allows users to customize their invite emails and it saves a lot of hassle.


The auto emails are inauthentic and don't communicate important information, like how the the receiptient can join the meeting. Drift allows users to customize their invite emails and it saves a lot of hassle.


Hello community !
Remember what I told you a year ago.... (published in decembre 2019) : 


I am waiting for this possibility since 2 years... 

I recommend you to look for another alternative/solution, because Hubspot is not able to listen to its customers and take into consideration basics features such as the personalization of the emails OUR prospects will receive... it seems inconceivable to me to forget such a feature...

Anyway, don't expect anything from Hubspot, I waited more than 2 years for this essential evolution, so don't be like me, just go away!


Hubspot allows customization of the meeting name and description.

To start with, why not use the same name and description for meeting confirmation email and meetin reminder email?

Of course, further customization of these emails would be great, but it would be a good start to utilize the existing customization (meeting name and description) and apply it to the respective emails.

@cfernandes @glencornell  You marked this as not planned. Any further thoughts from the development team, now that this feature has demonstrated its popularity among customers?



You've actually linked to this idea itself 😆


This idea is a version of and is not something we currently have planned. Please follow & upvote that idea instead.

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Really need this, also the ability to show zoom information on the confirmation email.
This shouldn't be that complicated to include the company logo and colours in the email.


I totally agree!  We would LOVE to be able to brand those meeting emails with our colors, and ideally, from our domain name.