Customize Meeting Reminder Emails


It would be great to be able to change de default meeting reminder Email when creating/altering a meeting link. 


Th current text is:


This is a friendly reminder that we have a meeting booked on:
11 Jun 2018 17:20 EEST

I look forward to meeting with you,
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Oct 5, 2020

Hi Community,


Just wanted to provide an update here that this is still not currently planned this year, but we are continuing to follow this thread, and I will post here again once we are ready to begin reviewing to be prioritized for upcoming work.


Thanks everyone for your feedback and patience! 

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Apr 27, 2020

Hi Communnity,


Thank you all for sharing your feedback!


For transparency I am updating this issue from "In Planning" to "Not Currently Planned" because we wont be able to get to this in the next quarter. This is one of the top ideas in Meeting, so we will watch this closely and I will make sure to update here periodically until we have a better idea for next steps.




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Crazy that these emails aren't customisable!!!


HubSpot Product Team - please prioritize this! The current template is very limiting. We need more control over the subject and copy. How has this been an open issue since 2018?


The ability to customize this template is extremely important to me.




Shout out to the HubSpot Community and @glencornell, this improvement will truly make HubSpot more valuable!


The meeting location should be included in the reminder too. I'm shocked it isn't.


We need to include the zoom link on reminder emails ASAP!
Can't believe this isn't possible yet.


Pretty much every client that gets the reminder from me emails me back and says: is this over Zoom or a phone call? 


Please develop this feature now.  Calendly allows yo to do this.  


There are two workarounds:

1.  Use a complex workflow

2.  Edit the meetin description


The first is genuinely overly complex and not a sensible option unless you havedicated revops who can monitor and update this sort of workflow.

The second does not allow you add in links or propser customisation for prospects.


Calendly allows you to create customised email reminders.  Please prioritse this development.


The reminder doesn't even tell the people WHO they have a meeting for? They don't know what company or person is reminding them of a meeting? Surely this has to be looked at?


HubSpot, pleaseeeee

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Yep. They have an area for custom content in It would be great if we have it on HS meeting emails too.