Customize Meeting Reminder Emails

It would be great to be able to change de default meeting reminder Email when creating/altering a meeting link. 


Th current text is:


This is a friendly reminder that we have a meeting booked on:
11 Jun 2018 17:20 EEST

I look forward to meeting with you,
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I am in complete agreement, we need the ability to customize the Meeting Scheduled and Meeting Reminder emails. The current formatting is not visually appealing, and doesn't match our other email communications, so it looks sloppy and automated, not personalized.  Please implement this ASAP.

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I also would appreciate this feature.

However, I've found a partial workaround for this. It requires use of an API, which can be done through an app like PostMan (

When a contact uses a meeting link, he still gets the initial automatic message from Hubspot. But in the meeting link definition you uncheck the reminder feature, because that will be handled by your own definition an email templates.


These are the steps:

1. For each meeting link, create a new Contact property of type "Datepicker", e.g. "Meeting with John (meeting_with_john)"

2. Using PostMan, update the new Contact property (see API guideline for the body information). Make sure that you set type = "datetime" and do not forget to specify Name ("meeting_with_john") and Label ("Meeting with John").

3. Create a new Workflow, that is triggered when contact completes the specific meeting link.

In the workflow copy the Contact Property "Last Meeting Booked" into your new property "Meeting with John"

Now you have secured the datetime of the meeting in a specific Contact property that is yours to use.


4. Create a new Workflow, that is centered around the date "Meeting with John". In the Workflow you can specify sending emails on 1, 2, 3 days before the date, etc.


Hope this helps you guys a bit forward! 

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Any news on this? Seems like pretty basic stuff for a calendering function to me. Please add the ability to create custom reminders!!


In brief, personalisation is a must. In my case, having the ability to ensure people do not take your time for granted is a must as we are a small team. Therefore, if i could escalate fusing colour as a key, going from black to red, we would use it as it has proved to cut down no shows for us in recent months.

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This is really annoying that this cannot be changed.

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I would love a custom reminder feature for meetings.

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Any movement on this feature? To add to this - Each reminder email should be editable. Not being able to edit each reminder would defeat the purpose for many users.

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It would be amazing to have the chance to disable the HubSpot "You booked a meeting with..." email that is sent after a meeting request. We immediately trigger a zoom link with an agenda, so the person requesting the meeting ends up with 2 automated emails immediately after submitting the request. The hubspot one does not offer any additional information and isn't personalized, so all in all a pretty annoying experience for the end user. 

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Also upvoting this! To further personalize, we should be able to disable the automatic HubSpot "You booked a meeting with..." email. We immediately trigger a zoom invite with an agenda, so the person requesting the meeting ends up with 2 automated emails upon requesting the meeting, which is a horrible user experience, especially if that is the person's first contact with the company. The HubSpot "You booked a meeting with..." does not provide any additional info and is redundant.