Customize GDPR subscription type in sales documents


I recently realized when you turn on GDPR functionality for documents in HubSpot it applies your whole portal default GDPR privacy & consent settings to the document. There's no document-level customization (or even customization for the documents tool a whole). It's just a toggle switch for "on/off" and very little information about where it even pulls the settings from (it's your portal default btw under privacy and consent). 


We have multiple users sending documents for a variety of reasons and they do not all relate to one default subscription type. The user should be able to select the subscription type that best applies to that specific document and situation. 


If anything, since it's a sales tool, the default should be 1:1 sales email opt in not marketing email opt in. But ideally, we'd be able to customize the subscription type and the privacy and consent text on the document level or set a default for the tool per portal. 

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We need the same. Lots of leads see our documents but have to add their one to one consent manually! Any odeas how to customize or automate one to one subscriptions?