Customize Form Submission Notification Email

In the Form Options, there is a section where we can add email addresses who get "Notified when submitted". There is an automated email that gets sent that currently cannot be customized. Can we get access to customize this email?

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I'd also love to be able to configure meta details about the submission like IP state/region.

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Yes, this is very important to us as well.  Without the ability to customize the subject line, all form submission notification emails from a particular form are collapsed into one conversation when displayed in several different email clients (such as gmail). 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Writting ideas on behalf of an user:

  • The ability to add company name and contact name in the subject of the notification email
  • The ability to customize the structure of email (Would like to make it more simple)
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Just got this request from our Marketing leadership that want information that's not a click away.

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Yes, would be so much better than having to create another workflow!

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I am desperately waiting for this feature as this is offered by pardot.

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Even with conversation mode turned off in gsuite were still having all of our emails bundled and sales are missing leads. We really need to to be able to have some unique identifier in the subject line. 

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We absolutely need this.

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Dear Hubspot team why simple request like ability to change at least notification title / name , or simple mailto: form submitter instead of no-reply hubspot address, takes so long to EVEN CONSIDER, RESPOND TO COMMUNITY, and put it into some updates timeframe??

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Definitely hope this feature gets added!