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I need the ability to customize the dates shown in a date picker so that only the dates that are relevant are shown and the irrelevant dates are grayed out.


I have a form that collects registrant information for an ongoing event that is only held on specific dates but the dates and times change month to month.


Right now I am forced to use a text field for the available dates, which keeps me from being able to setup automated reminder emails based on date.

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HubSpot Product Team
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This is an interesting idea @Jarrick. Would love to hear more use cases around this and how people would use this feature.

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The main goal is to be able to create a workflow that can send automated event reminders and/or marketing emails, based on the event date that the contact chose when filling out the event registration form.


I don't want to use a date picker field that doesn't allow for blocking certain dates because it leaves too much opportunity for the contact to choose a date that is not one of the event dates. So, I am currently having to use a text field, which does not allow me to do things like, send an email X days before the event.

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Great idea. I'm looking for the same thing.

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This would be a great feature for my team to have as well!

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The addition of this feature will be a huge benefit for our team. For example, we are sending out a landing page that allows our customers to book a date and time with us. For the date field, we are using a Date Picker option which has a few problematic drawbacks.


1. The Date Picker allows for customers to choose dates in the past. For example, a customer can choose yesterday's date and still be able to book time with us. This may be related to human error, but it would be great if we have the option of not allowing past dates as a choice for our customers. 


2. As previous users have already mentioned, we need to be able to customize the date range of the date picker. If a certain opportunity is only available for a certain period of time, we are unable to select the dates that our customers can choose. This results in our customers scheduling dates with us that are not within our opportunity timeline. 


3. The Date Picker does not allow for a buffer time option. This means that customers are able to select tomorrow's date when we need 48 hours notice for preparation. This results in us having to reach out to the customer and rescheduling after they have already booked a time with us. 


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The functionality wendy123 outlined would be perfect for us! I want to restrict the date picker for available dates/times.


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HubSpot Employee

It would be useful if we can control the pickable date from calendar based on two date field. 


For example. 

Check in date 1, visitor pick 1st Jan 2018, and if we can restrict visitor to only able to pick 2nd Jan 2018 onwards. 

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We would love this functionality as well! 

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Yes we would also love this feature!


We have events that we are getting people to sign up for, but events are only posted on certain days so we would like to restrict which dates people can pick in the form field.


If this could be added it would be perfect for us!