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Customize Columns for Exporting Email Recipient Report

Hi when exporting a sent email report, is there a way to customize the columns? e.g i want to export the report with the recipients' name and company name at minimum. In order to provide the sales/executive teams with key insights (who clicked and what links did they click on) alongside basic contact properties, it seems this would be a no brainer.  In my report it only shows a column with their email address which is not helpful.  


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This option would be extremely useful. Even if the report's columns aren't customizable yet, adding the First Name, Last Name and Company Name would be helpful in the meantime.


I understand there is the option to press actions > add to new list and then edit the columns that you want to export, but then you would have to add all the columns from that other report to see the performance of that specific email. The properties you can add only allow you to analyze the email that was last sent and doesn’t seem to give you an option to choose a specific email.


I agree! This would be a great feature to add. I would love to be able to include contact information (name, company, etc.) and list(s) they're on.


This would be beneficial in both the reports and the marketing email recipient list exports.


I agree.  Looking to see what links were clicked on and how many times they clicked on each would provide the person following up the approriate information. 


Couldn't agree more. This would be very helpful.


I just sent out an email that was quite important, so my Sales department need to know who have read it. With name and company columns in the report they wouldn't have to decipher peoples email addreses.


Being able to see the person's name and company when exporting the email list of who opened and clicked is extremely important to our sales team. Just providing email addresses isn't enough.


Yes, I could not agree more. This seems like basic functionality that should be standard. It is NEVER useful to only see someone's email address.