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Customize Call Outcome options

I would like to be able to customize the drop down list from the call outcome option as it doesn't represent the outcomes I would like recorded. Is this possible? Otherwise can we turn it off so it doesn't state no outcome on the timeline?

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This feature is espcially helpful if you're trying to get a certain outcome from a call. For example, I expect my team to ask for a customer referral whenever they are on the phone with an existing customer. With this feature, I could see how often that is working.

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+1 to this

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Has there been any update to this? 


Would really like to customize Call Outcome options.


This would solve a ton of problems for high volume B2C calling. Need to be able to better track sales assisted orders.

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The option to customise call outcomes would really help the way we use HubSpot also, when would this be implemented?